Should You Advertise on the Nextdoor App?

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Advertising on the Nextdoor app

There are SO many digital advertising options available that adding one more to the stack seems…unmanageable..BUT get ready, because today we’re talking about the NextDoor app and how you can capitalize on this hyper-local, neighborhood gossip marketplace to get more traffic to your business.

If your business has a physical location then it’s safe to assume you want to target local consumers. While a lot of conversations about digital marketing often take a national or global point of view, being able to focus on a more granular level on your city, town, village, and block can be just as critical to your business as paying the rent and keeping the lights on. While there are many local digital advertising tactics to consider implementing like using local keywords and submitting your NAP – name, address, and phone number – to various directories, and of course, Google My Business, one tactic, in particular, that you should consider: advertising on the Nextdoor app.

What is the Nextdoor App?

Nextdoor is a social app built around interacting with the user’s neighborhood. It allows users to not only connect with their neighbors about the comings and goings of their locales, but it’s also a great place for residents to find local businesses they might not have known about otherwise. Building awareness and getting “butts in seats” is usually part of any marketing strategy, so let’s look and see how NextDoor can help you get there.

Why Should You Advertise on Nextdoor?

Like any advertising platform, Nextdoor offers some unique differentiators that may make it a good avenue to advertise your local business:

  • A large user base.
    Nextdoor is one of the fastest growing social platforms out there. 75% of the country’s neighborhoods already listed on Nextdoor and the user base is quickly approaching the 100 million mark.
  • Local exposure.
    What makes Nextdoor so different from other social platforms is that it limits users to the neighborhood they are in. The app has a very thorough account verification process that requires users to provide either their phone number, credit card number, last four digits of their social security number, a postcard sent to your address, LexisNexis, or an invitation from a neighbor. This ensures that your business will be seen by actual humans who actually live in the neighborhood your business is located in.
  • Less competition.
    There are hundreds of companies just like yours in your state–possibly even in your city. By using Nextdoor, you won’t have to compete for local customers with similar companies if they aren’t in your neighborhood. Get seen by the people who will go to your business!
  • Local reviews.
    Users on Nextdoor write reviews, or recommendations, for the businesses that they use. Considering that the majority of customers will look up reviews before they decide to purchase a product or service from a company, Nextdoor’s review system can be extremely beneficial in helping you attract new customers in your area.

Setting Up A Nextdoor Account

Now that you know what the benefits of using Nextdoor are, you’ll want to set up an account so that you can begin taking advantage of the social app. The following are the steps you’ll need to take:

  1. You will need to find your business by searching for the Local Page on their site. You’ll need to provide the name and address, city, state, or zip code.
  2. Once you’ve found it, you’ll need to Claim it as either a Business or an Individual.
  3. You will then enter your name and email address before choosing a password.
  4. Nextdoor will then verify your business by calling you using the number that they have on file for your business (which you can update if it’s incorrect). You will then need to enter a verification code.

Local digital advertising is an important part of your overall online marketing strategy if you have a physical location. One of the most effective ways to increase awareness of your company at a local level is by signing up to the Nextdoor social app. Still have questions? Let us know!

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