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Search Engine Optimization

The acronym “SEO” has been thrown around a lot in the past decade, gaining both good and bad perceptions in the marketing industry. As search engine algorithms are changed and some search data is even hidden from the public, the idea of search engine optimization being the primary driving force of traffic for a website is becoming increasingly unrealistic. That is not to say that SEO will ever cease to be important, however. Not only will search engines and people alike always value high-quality content, but there are also a series of technical on and off page SEO tactics that we believe all businesses should practice.

What we can do:

 1. Provide an in-depth keyword analysis to identify low-hanging keyword opportunities, as well as to assess current strengths and weaknesses within your company’s and your competitors’ websites.

2. Create search engine optimized, high-quality webpages and blog posts for your inbound initiatives.

3. Perform a refinement of your existing webpages, to assure that your website is working at maximum potential.

4. Offer basic SEO training for your current writers and content creators.