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The digital marketplace is loud and your competitors are deafening. How does your current strategy and branding help you rise above the noise? More than likely it doesn’t, and that’s where the 5 | E Repositioning Formula™ comes in. 

The brainchild of our Founder and Creative Director, David Smith, the 5 | Es were born out of his desire to create a thoughtful and scalable path for businesses to follow that would bring them long-term success. Based on over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, the 5 | Es represent the stages of repositioning and growth that happen in the most successful marketing strategies.

The process is simple, thorough, and designed to bring you maximum results, and whether you’re engaging on an individual project or with a full-service ongoing retainer, we start with the 5 Es and work our way through the process outlined below.

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Like any new relationship, the first phase is Explore. We work with you to gather as much knowledge as we can about your business, your history, your passion, your unique differentiators, your ideal target audience and your goals. This gathering of data is crucial for success, whether this is a project or a long-term relationship, a solid foundation is what shapes the strategy as a whole.

Our Discovery Meetings are the kickoff for the Explore phase. We work with you and your team to uncover value propositions, past strategies, triumphs, failures, and what waits on the road ahead. You share your thoughts, and we listen. 

Competitive Research is the next step. We take all that we’ve learned from you and your team and let our Envisionaries loose to research, gather data, analyze the market, set benchmarks, and see what your competitors are up to across the digital landscape. Social, PPC, SEO, website, content marketing, and automation tools are scrutinized and reviewed. 

Once the research and internal brainstorming is completed, the Strategy Creation begins. We truly believe that tactics alone are not a solution. A post is just a post, an ad is just an ad, and an email is just an email without a strong strategy as the foundational thread tying it all together. We’ll work with you to create a comprehensive strategy that solves real problems and helps you increase your market share.

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Data and plans are great on paper but how do they come to life and produce results? That’s what the Execute phase is all about. For projects and long-term clients, this phase can vary slightly, but the components are the same. 

Creative Concepting is what a lot of clients think of as the fun part. Our creative teams take the data, the goals, and the strategy to create the visual and creative concept for client review. For branding, this can be anything from logo concepts to collateral to full trade show booth design and bus wraps. For our digital marketing clients, this can be brainstorming ideas for campaigns, web, ads, social assets, and any other creative concepts needed to bring the full strategy to life.

Our Internal Review process ensures there are as many eyes as possible on all of the work that we do. If it’s not right, real, or relevant it doesn’t make it out of this review process.

Once the Is are dotted and Ts are crossed–we’re ready to Reveal and Finalize. We present our work, walk you through it, and make sure you are fully satisfied, onboard, and just as excited as we are.  

Once the proverbial (and often time literal) thumbs up is given by you, your new strategy is ready to launch!

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The Engage portion is the part where all of the planning, data gathering, creative concepting, and creation starts to work in the real world. 

First, we Launch Calls-To-Action to start the steady flow of leads coming in as we Initiate Campaigns across the platforms we identified as the most relevant channels to your ideal target audience, and most successful channels for you during the Exploration phase. 

As part of this, for full Inbound clients, we also Start Automated Workflows so we can passively (through nurture campaigns) and Actively Engage Audiences through tactics like social media, pay-per-click, and content marketing.

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The wheels are in motion, leads are coming in, conversions are being made, and metrics are being tracked. Now it’s time to ensure that things are working the way they were intended and make sure you’re seeing the results. 

Remember when we set benchmarks earlier in the process? This is where we Analyze Key Metrics like the benchmarks we set and the KPIs that were determined prior to the start. 

We use this data to Gauge Positioning and Review Market Impact.

Simply put, we ask ourselves: are the things we’re doing reaching the people you want and making them convert in a way that will make the biggest, positive impact on your sales? Is traffic turning into leads and are those leads becoming customers?

Once we answer those questions we know what we need to do to turn it from an 8 to an 11 and Increase Effectiveness of what’s working and reevaluate and/or eliminate what isn’t.

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Once your marketing program has hit your lead generation goals and is successfully contributing overall business objectives, it’s time to rethink everything we’re doing and strategize new ideas that haven’t been considered yet. These new ideas, cycle us back into the Explore phase and through the rest of the 5 | E process again.

The point is: you’re never done. There’s always a new campaign, a new platform, a new algorithm, and a new audience to reach. That’s why a set it and forget it attitude for your marketing program can cost you dearly, and it’s not the approach we take.

Because of shifts in trends, we’re always doing Additional Research to make sure what we’re saying, where we’re saying it, and who we’re saying it to is still the best option available to help your business reach its goals. 

Speaking of goals, we like to Revisit Business Goals quarterly because things change. You may have a new product, a new service, or a new target audience you want to engage with and that may require new avenues of communication and new marketing goals. Plus, if we’re doing our job right–you’ve met your goals so it’s time to make new ones! 

That’s why we like to Formulate New Ideas. What worked before might not work in the future so we’re constantly working with you and thinking of new ways to engage, excite, and delight your customers and leads. Contests, premium content, discounts, service offerings – whatever you need – we help you discover new, relevant ways to do it. Your competition doesn’t rest, so neither do we. 

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