Generate Leads & Increase ROI

The digital marketplace is loud and your competitors are deafening. How does your current strategy and branding help you rise above the noise? More than likely it doesn’t, and that’s where the 5 | E Repositioning Formula™ comes in. 

The brainchild of our Founder and Creative Director, David Smith, the 5 | Es were born out of his desire to create a thoughtful and scalable path for businesses to follow that would bring them long-term success. Based on over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, the 5 | Es represent the stages of repositioning and growth that happen in the most successful marketing strategies.

The process is simple, thorough, and designed to bring you maximum results, and whether you’re engaging on an individual project or with a full-service ongoing retainer, we start with the 5 Es and work our way through the process outlined below.