Top 5 Mobile Marketing Tips To Enhance Your Strategy

Learn How To Enhance Your Marketing Strategy With These Mobile Tips

When it comes to Mobile Marketing, there’s honestly a lot going on. With smartphones making up 54.72% of all web traffic, businesses are making sure that their marketing strategies are catering to the vast amount of mobile users out there. It can be difficult to sort through everything in order to find the right tactics for your business, so our team of experts navigated every proverbial haystack to find you the top five mobile marketing tips to enhance your strategy. Let’s get into it.

1. Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization is more than having your content merely work on mobile devices. It’s about making sure that it works, well, optimally. If you need to get your site ship-shape for smartphones then try employing Responsive Web Design. Rather than having multiple versions of your site out there to manage and update, Responsive Design uses the same URL for desktop and mobile and simply adjusts the display depending on which device is being used to access your site. This can really save you time and trouble in the long run, and not using Responsive Design can actually cause users to leave your site.

Now that your website is working flawlessly for mobile, it’s time to get that content up to speed. Visual content – particularly video – performs best on mobile devices when in a vertical format. With the prevalence of TikTok, Instagram Reels and Stories, and other similar video features across the mobile landscape, vertical video is the way to go. It doesn’t hurt to add captions to these videos as well. In fact, it’s been found that 85% of videos viewed on Facebook are watched without sound. So captioning your videos can help to ensure your message is still getting across even when the video is muted.

2. Voice Search Optimization

The number of people using voice search on their mobile devices is on the rise. In fact, 65% of people between the ages of 25 and 49 use devices that are voice-enabled at least once a day. Keeping this in mind, it’s likely in your best interest to do some Voice Search Optimization. Long Tail Keywords are going to be your best friend here, as they are longer and more specific phrases that mirror the way people speak when doing a Voice Search. There are plenty of free and paid keyword research tools out there to help you find the Long Tail Keywords of your dreams.

Long-Tail Keywords can also be found by looking for questions that are commonly searched among your audience. These can be found in Google’s “People also ask” section of SERPs, or by using tools like Answer the Public. Once you have these keywords, you can then start answering these questions and becoming a key source of information for your audience.

3. Hyperlocal Marketing

The prevalence of mobile location services has given marketers an incredible opportunity – Hyperlocal Marketing. This means that you can use consumers’ locations to your advantage. Hyperlocal Marketing includes a few different tactics, but they all revolve around targeting consumers within a specific geographic area.

Ensure that your Google My Business listing is up-to-date and features any and all relevant information that your audience may be looking for. This can include your phone number, street address, hours of operation, website, and more. Keep this listing updated with relevant information so that if your customers are looking to get in touch or have a question answered, they can do so without any confusion or outdated info standing in their way. 

Geofencing is another Hyperlocal tactic in which you create a virtual “fence” around a specific area. When consumers physically enter this area, it triggers notifications or ads relating to your business. You can use this to show discounts or sales to people conducting nearby searches relevant to your business, which can entice customers who may not have been aware of you otherwise. 

4. SMS Marketing

If you’re struggling with low email open rates, SMS marketing might be a great path for you to explore. The open rate for SMS messages is 98%, which is much higher than average email marketing open rates (on average, 17%). People have their phones nearby almost constantly, and with excellent open rates, SMS marketing can get your message in front of a lot more eyeballs than other forms of messaging. Use links, personalization, and enticing CTA’s to make it easy for your audience to engage with your communications. If you want to get real fancy, you can use MMS which will allow you to send pictures, GIFS, or videos along with your message’s text. 

5. Personalization

Personalizing messages that you send to your audience – be it email, text, or push notifications – can help build a positive relationship between you and your customers. People are 75% more likely to buy from a retailer that engages in personalized messaging. Taking the time to personalize your communications can go a long way and help you stand out in a sea of generic messages your audience sees every day. You can utilize the first-party data which you already have from your customers to tailor these messages to each individual person. Put their name in the subject line of an email. Send a push notification to remind them which items have been left in their shopping basket. There are many ways to personalize your communications, and your customers will feel recognized because of it.

Hopefully, these tips will help you and your business to form stronger strategies and master mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is important, and it is key for any business to pay attention and cater to mobile audiences. However, some businesses simply don’t have the time or manpower to spend on mobile marketing. If you’re one of those businesses, Envision Creative can assist you with any of your marketing needs – mobile or otherwise. Contact us today! We’d love to hear from you.