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15 Tips for Creating Extraordinary Website Copy

You are hands down the most attractive person who’s ever visited this website. You might be reading this second sentence now. Despite the fact that our first sentence was super corny, perhaps even stupid, it probably piqued your interest enough to read just a bit more. Good website copy hooks the reader. It tells a…more

7 Fun Marketing Ideas for Boring Service Businesses

Struggling to come up with exciting marketing ideas for your “boring” service business? Here are seven ways to turn up the heat on your next campaign. 1. Get visual with your content marketing Since the takeover of visual social media like Instagram and Pinterest, it might seem like businesses that sell sexy products are having…more

9 Bad Habits That Kill Your Marketing Copy

Most people know what they can’t (or shouldn’t) attempt to do on their own: plumbing, electrical work, new brakes on the car. But graphic design, web development, and copywriting? In the agency setting, we see business owners try to “DIY” these things all the time—often with “I-cut-my-own-hair” results. That said, while this post is intended…more

Social Media Content Ideas for When Your Creativity’s On a Break

Coming up with social media content ideas over and over again can be exhausting. After a few months of posting, it gets progressively harder to be unique and creative. Don’t worry, we’re here to make it all go away. In the 2017 world of marketing, content remains king and nowhere is this more true than…more

5 Social Media Best Practices That Are the Worst

Finding a list of social media best practices is simple. Just enter “social media best practices” into Google and you’ll be swamped with a variety of blog posts on the topic. Fortunately, our team has developed the best guide to social media best practices you’ll find on the web. While it’s easy to find answers to…more

7 Ways to Capture Qualified Leads Online that Won’t Bore You to Death

Capturing online leads isn’t that hard. Any Tom, Dick, or Sally can do it. Capturing qualified leads is a different story. In fact, it can be a downright bummer, a complete bore, and something many businesses dread. Why is it that qualified leads are so much harder to capture? Because qualified leads have specific behaviors…more

The Epic Guide to Social Media Strategy & How to Be Ridiculously Successful

Building a social media strategy should be a priority for every organization, business owner, and executive. Social media is just like every other aspect of business; you need to set goals and establish a plan for meeting those goals. Without strategy, your social media efforts are nothing more than aimless posting. The foundation of a…more

Some of the Most Embarrassing Marketing Blunders You’ll Ever See

Marketing blunders happen to the best of us at some point or another. Maybe you hit “send” on a high-profile marketing email and then noticed a glaring typo two hours later. Perhaps you accidentally sent your customers a link that led them straight to a Justin Bieber video instead of your company’s landing page. Ok—that…more

The Only 4 Social Media Marketing Services You’ll Ever Need

It’s incredibly easy to find so-called social media marketing services in the current digital landscape. People toss around the terms “engagement,” “brand awareness,” and “follower growth” like balls in a ping-pong match. While these terms are well known to most people, the majority of business owners, marketing agencies, and professionals tend to approach social media…more

The Ultimate Social Media Best Practices Guide

Introduction It’s tempting to skip introductions, but if you hang in there we promise this one will be worth your time. There are seven sections to this Social Media Best Practices Guide. Each section covers practices designed to enhance your execution on social and improve the relationship between your brand and audience. Some information might…more

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