The Top 5 Marketing Trends You Need To Implement in 2022

Incorporate These Top 5 Marketing Trends for 2022

Time flies when you’re having fun! It seems like we were just planning for 2021…but here we are strategizing digital marketing efforts for success in 2022. The pandemic had a tremendous impact on shaping our habits, and digital has become the new norm in everyone’s daily routine.

Even as we enter into a new year, consumer digital habits will remain. Check out the following top five marketing trends your business should incorporate in 2022 to stay ahead of the competition.

1. Mobile-First Marketing

What does nearly every consumer have in common? They own a smartphone. More consumers use smartphones and tablets to browse products and services on the web, rather than desktop computers.

According to Smart Insights, as of January 2021, there was a recorded 5.22 billion unique mobile users, making up 66.6% of the entire global population. There’s no doubt that social distancing had something to do with that.

In order to cater to this new generation of consumers, businesses must create mobile-friendly content that will rank better in search engines. One simple technique is to optimize your website’s design so that it adapts to smaller displays automatically.

PRO TIP: AMP (accelerated mobile pages) also makes content load faster on smartphones and tablets.

2. Videos, Videos & More Video Content

Social media content is ever-changing and a trend that started to shine in 2021 and will continue to grow in 2022 is video content. Anything from IGTV and REELs to TikToks and Youtube videos, the way in which content will be consumed in 2022 is evolving.

According to Reel In Reel, on average, video content accounts for 68% of total internet traffic. This is impressive considering the percentage was just at 9% in 2006 and 15% in 2008. Additionally, 71% of businesses are investing in video marketing as their future growth platform in 2022. Are you looking to be in the 71% investing in video content next year? Here are a few bonus tips to get you started!


  • More people will be watching videos on Instagram
  • How-to’s and product videos will get the most engagement
  • Create custom thumbnails to really stand out
  • Text transcription is crucial for search engines to index your video
  • Stories & Reels will take off

3. Online/Hybrid Events

Following COVID-19, virtual events became the go-to method for keeping in touch with customers and leads. Businesses are faced with a decision now that consumers are beginning to feel comfortable gathering in person again.

Should we go back to events that only take place in person? Or should we remain virtual in order to accommodate customers who like to attend from the comfort of their homes?

The answer appears to be to use a hybrid strategy. In fact, according to Marketing, more than half (50.7%) of executives predict that all live events will include a virtual piece from now on.

Online events (such as webinars and seminars) are always a good method to get the word out about your company to current and future customers. An added benefit of these online events is the ability to collect data directly from your audience rather than third parties.

This data can be used later to build consumer profiles and sell directly to them. We’ve already seen an increase in brands utilizing virtual events over the past few years, and 2022 will be no exception.

PRO TIP: If you’re hosting an in-person event or a live webinar panel, record it and share it to your website and social channels. This way you have the chance to reach a larger audience while working smarter, not harder. Remember, learning how to recycle content will benefit you in 2022. Learn more about how to recycle content on social media!

4. Automation

Marketing automation isn’t something new. It has been there for a long time and is growing larger every year. According to Mordor Intelligence, marketing intelligence is a $3.6 billion industry. Utilizing marketing automation in 2022 will reduce costs, improve efficiency and productivity.

An example of incorporating marketing automation into your current marketing strategy is to add a survey to your workflow. This survey will automatically be sent out after triggers like a purchase. This automation is a great way to generate customer feedback to better understand your consumer and any pain points in your product or service, and overall customer experience.

PRO TIP: Hubspot is a great automation tool to use for inbound marketing and sales. If you’re just getting started on HubSpot and don’t want to waste your investment, we created an ultimate checklist to ensure your onboarding goes off without a hitch and your program ultimately turns into a revenue-making machine. Head here to get your list!

5. Thought-Leading, Educational Content vs. Always Selling

Do you want to stand out in your industry? Then you need to align your digital content with your company’s purpose and mission. Rather than always selling your products or services, educate your customers about why they need your product or service.

It must be about convenience and the benefits. More and more brands, particularly those in the digital space, are beginning to recognize the value of this type of marketing, and more are following suit. Hard selling is becoming increasingly ineffective. Instead, focus your efforts on finding ways to showcase the everyday benefits of your product or service for the consumer.

PRO TIP: Follow the 3 E’s when sharing content with your audience. For the best results, be sure your digital content educates, engages, or empowers your targeted consumers!

With 2022 on the horizon, marketers must still figure out how to digitally engage consumers post-pandemic while taking advantage of technology advancements.

Trends are constantly changing and if 2021, even 2020, taught us anything, it’s that our business needs to be able to pivot at a moment’s notice. Your marketing strategy needs to be thorough, yet flexible and adaptive to new trends and insights.

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