Packaging Design: 5 Ways to Sell Without Words

5 Ways to Sell Using Packaging Design

Packaging Design: 5 Ways to Sell Without Words

Words. They’re beautiful and ugly, simple and complex, a gift to humanity. And sometimes just plain unnecessary.

For example, when you go shopping, wouldn’t it be so much easier if you didn’t have to get close enough to read everything? If only there were alternatives to using walls of text when selling a product… ways of communicating messages without writing… a means of utilizing packaging design for more than just “packaging”….

Well, you’re in luck. There are at least 5.

5 Ways to Sell Without Words

1) Show Off The Features

Truly have faith in your product? Show your consumers that you mean serious business by integrating a prominent feature into the packaging design itself.

Creative Package Design by Festina

Festina Profundo diving watches are suspended inside a bag of water, sporting nothing but the company logo and slogan.

2) Encourage The Brand Experience

As a brand, you have developed a personality that can (and should) be communicated through your products.

Packaging Design for Coke Can

Coca-Cola created a can that splits in half, allowing individuals to share with a friend. This perfectly actualizes their recent “Share Happiness” campaign.

3) Solve A Problem

Assess the common issues people may have with your product and the industry in general. Remember that the struggles don’t necessarily come from the product itself, but from the associated processes.

Design for Butter! Better!

Recognizing that sometimes the most frustrating part of using butter is finding a knife, Butter! Better! lids double as a cost-effective utensil.

4) Make It Fun

Using highly creative or playful packaging to excite the consumer’s inner child can sometimes inspire an entirely new reason to buy the product.

Package Design by BQB

BQB’s Dino! gum is said to help kep your teeth strong… much like a dinosaur’s teeth (one can assume)! Pulling gum out of its packaging is a satisfying experience when you can pretend to be a T-rex dentist at the same time.

5) Show It For What It Really Is

Visually simplifying an explanation of your product can help highlight an important trait.

Pineapple Package Design by TK Food

TK Food’s pineapple pastries are packaged to look like parts of an actual pineapple, emphasizing the fact that real fruit filling is used.

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