Beat The Business Summer Slump: 4 Strategic Marketing Tips


The summertime is filled with professionals in offices everywhere thinking about or already on a vacation. Many employees will save their PTO days for the summer, heading off to elegant beaches or family backyard reunions.

In fact, it’s predicted that post-COVID travel for pleasure will bounce back to at least the level that was seen before the pandemic. This means employees will go back to being on vacation, about to leave, or just returned, which can lead to the business progress getting put aside.

As a result, almost every industry and company ends up taking a hit during the summer months. According to the Grasshopper Group, 25% of office workers report feeling their productivity slip during the summer months. Also, 63% admit to leaving the office early, lured out by the promise of lakes, beaches, and BBQs.

So, how do you combat this heat-induced recipe for a business slowdown? Don’t throw in the towel! Proactively protect your business from the summer slowdown with these top 5 strategic actionable tips!

1. Research & Plan For Important Summer Holidays 

If you’re in digital marketing, you’re well aware that National Holiday’s are a gold mine when it comes to content engagement. So try to plan at least 2-3 months out from the summertime when creating your content calendar and research/implement any upcoming holidays or events that may impact your business.

With an effective plan in place, you won’t be left scrambling to put together written, video, social media, or something else to promote that holiday through your online channels.

(Pro Tip: Also, use this slower time to work on improving your social media profiles you keep meaning to improve.)

2. Invest In An App!

One of the main reasons that sales slump, especially for businesses where the majority of their marketing is done online, is that people aren’t sitting at home in front of their computers. Everyone is out relaxing on a beach with a Pina Colada in hand and their laptop or work desk computer is the last thing on their mind.

With that being said, mobile use is still on the rise, and if you have an app that makes buying your products or services a breeze from any portable device – it will decrease your chances of experiencing that summer sump.

3. Show Up Where Your Customers Are

If your target audience is on vacation and not at their computer or watching tv, they likely are not seeing your marketing efforts. So, consider marketing more on online platforms like places where your audience frequents, even during the summer.

If you utilize a location personalization-based IP address, you can promote the most relevant offer to the right client at the right time.

For example, if you’re a brick-and-mortar business chain with multiple locations, you can adjust your content so that your customer vacationing in Florida has local offers to select from. If your brand awareness doesn’t slump, then neither does sales.

4. Join In On The Summer Fun

You can make your offerings, specials, or promotions a part of what is exciting about summer for your customer. Are you an online retailer? Then ensure your marketing and promotional content has language speaking to summer vacations.

For example: “Make sure you have the summer ‘must-haves’ as part of your vacation wardrobe!” Or “Taking a summer trip to Italy? Let our stylists help you pick out the right outfit for your vacation activities at half the price. (Limited time offer)”

Ultimately, Focus On What You Can Control & Don’t Get Lazy

Even if your sales flatten, don’t let summer laze you into inaction. Start building and planning for the Fall months so that you can regain that summer lost lead generation. You can’t control global economic factors, but you can take positive steps to stay on top.

Ensure the following summer you plan ahead and get a better understanding of what lies ahead so you know how to combat any negative trends.

However, if you find yourself alone in the office, panicked, and in need of marketing assistance, reach out to our digital marketing agency! We’re happy to help during the summer slump to ensure you continue to get qualified leads and closed sales.