10 Resources To Become a Digital Marketing Pro

 If you’re like many people around the world, you may have taken your time socially distancing during quarantine to reinvest some time into an old hobby. Better yet, maybe you’ve taken up something totally new (aka: become a digital marketing pro)!

Even if you haven’t started your quarantine hobby, there’s never been a better time to take up learning something new or taking a deeper dive into an existing interest. On September 15th, The United States will celebrate National Online Learning Day. To kick things off, we’re sharing some of our favorite online resources that will have you on your way to becoming a marketing pro in no time. 



The Marketing School Podcast:

Marketing Insights in Small Bites

The Marketing School Podcast provides quick, 5-minutes-or-less marketing tips and user insight best practices. While this is a high-level approach to digital marketing education, this podcast covers a lot of ground in a format that’s crazy easy to consume. 



Adobe Creative Cloud Tutorials: 

Up-Level Your Content 

Adobe offers a ton of beginner tutorials that can get you familiar with the basic Creative Cloud programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom). While not absolutely necessary to becoming a pro-marketer, knowing your way around these programs makes you an even more invaluable asset. Plus, it’s always good to cultivate some empathy for design teams. 




Aesthetic and Educational 

Here at Envision Creative, we’re big fans of sharing news and articles with each other, whether it’s a random cat fact or a stirring update coming to a popular social platform. Pinterest has been an invaluable resource for us to keep a running and accessible record of all of the great things we’ve shared. Check out our page and boards for resources. 



Hubspot Academy

An Introduction and Continued Education 

If you’re looking for the resource that keeps on giving, look no further than Hubspot Academy. Not only does Hubspot provide resources for everything from an introduction to Inbound Marketing, but also more specific courses for YouTube and paid advertising as well. 



Digital Marketer:

From Novice to Notice 

Digital Marketer is the one subscription-only resource that we’ve provided on this list, but with good reason. These in-depth courses allow entire teams to learn complex ad creation, content strategy, campaign management, and beyond! You’ll be a digital marketing pro in no time!



Google Analytics Academy

For the Bookish 

If you identify with Hermione Granger and miss the days of books and university, these courses were made for you. Google provides a classroom-based education to their introduction to Google Analytics resource library. Not to mention, you get professors who guide you through the curated playlist of videos. The best news? The entire course is available for free on YouTube.  




Bump Up Your Content 

Re-invigorate your creative juices with the resources at Copyblogger. Coppyblogger offers a slew of insights on writing through free courses, podcasts and their social media channels. Their approach is creative and ensures that your content writing never goes stale. 



PPC 101 from Wordstream:  

Beginner Content You’ll Use Again & Again

This beginner’s guide to PPC has the bare-bones basics that you’ll go back to again and again as you’re learning the ropes. It also serves as a valuable resource to reference when looking how to explain PPC concepts to clients, interns, or employees looking to broaden their horizons! 



Beyond the To-Do List: 

With New Knowledge Comes New Motivation

Now that you’ve learned so much, your future to-do list might seem intimidating. However, with the help of the Beyond the To-Do List Podcast, you’ll learn how to harness your own productivity at work, and at home.  



Headspace App: 

The Best Ideas Come From Healthy Minds 

Overall, it’s been a hard year all around. Make sure you’re taking care of you. The American Heart Association promotes meditation as a natural remedy to the effects stress can take on the body. The Headspace App offers a free 10-day guided meditation course to get you started. 


These resources are a great place to start in developing into a digital marketing pro. We’d love to talk with you and see how we can expand your brand through digital marketing and cultivate a more resonating online presence. If you’re looking for more information to assist your business during this time, head over to our Marketing Resources menu to gain access to our Lead Generation Calculator, Website Analyzer, and to Download our Free 2020 Social Media Guide!