There’s a Good Chance You Need a Website Redesign

website redesign

Your website is one of the most essential components of running a successful business. Almost every business needs to have an online presence if they want to be profitable and reach their target market. However, even if a business has a website, there’s no guarantee it will be useful…or even readable.

Tell me if this scenario seems familiar to you:

You’re scouring the internet, perhaps searching for a business’ contact information or physical address. You click on a link that brings you to a company homepage…straight out of 1998. The fonts are barely legible, the colors are a hideous mixture of garish blues, greens and reds, and the images are so pixelated it looks like you’re trying to play the original Pac-Man. It’s a far cry from the modern, high-quality page you were probably expecting because it was built decades before mobile responsiveness existed.

Unfortunately, this scenario happens more often than we usually anticipate. The thing to remember is that your customers are paying attention. An ancient website design can do more to hurt your brand than bad customer service.

Evaluating the Need for a Website Redesign

A website is not a fixed asset that can be written once and then neglected for eternity. As your company’s virtual storefront, it’s important to conduct regular maintenance and management of your site. More and more of your potential customers will be looking to the internet as a way of discovering more about your company. If you’re rocking a 1990’s design and functionality, it’s time to think about getting a website redesign.

Company branding evolves over time. What starts with a logo, name and slogan morphs into style guides, intellectual property and messaging platforms. Websites are subject to the same evolutionary process. While a single-page website was once sufficient to maintain an online presence, the internet of 2017 requires a responsive, multi-page site that connects to your social media channels, describes your services, and much more. Redesigning your website isn’t about creating a bright, shiny new homepage – it’s the next step in your brand’s evolution.

Increasing Usability

As technologies age, they slowly lose functionality when faced with increasingly complex solutions. The web is no different. An aged website will gradually lose it’s ability to perform, making it slow, inefficient and frustrating. Frustration is the fastest way to earn a visitor bounce. After just a few seconds of poor user experience people will begin exiting your site and looking for other businesses that can fulfill their needs.



WordPress: A Critical Tool for High-Performance Websites

WordPress is one of the most popular website hosting services in the world, accounting for 18.9% of all sites on the web. Thanks to their tools that support robust, secure, and responsive website designs, WordPress is the go-to choice for companies looking for an exceptional content management system (CMS).

Website Maintenance

To receive the greatest value from a website redesign, you must be prepared to ensure regular maintenance. Even a Ferrari needs an oil change from time to time.

Website maintenance addresses both the technical and creative needs of your company, including:

  • Coding updates
  • Tagging management
  • Content changes
  • Plugin performance
  • SEO optimization

At Envision Creative, website maintenance is a daily task. Everything from grammar and tagging to landing page submission forms are checked, rechecked, and checked again to ensure highest quality.

Redesigning your website offers numerous advantages. It provides a modern, sleek online brand persona that demonstrates your company’s commitment to excellence and adaptability. Best of all, an updated website is an excellent tool for supporting revenue growth. The way you present your website tells prospects much more about your company than what you tell them. Make sure the first impression your website makes is a true representation of your business.

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