5 Eye-Catching Value Proposition Examples to Learn From

Value Proposition Examples

These days, we find ourselves bombarded with advertising at every turn: a multitude of billboards, banner ads, jingles and more that demand our attention and instruct us to “Buy This Product.” With such a cacophony of promotion around us, the art of crafting a successful value proposition has become more vital than ever.

What Is A Value Proposition?

The value proposition is a statement to your potential customer that expresses to them what value would be added to their life or what problem would be solved by buying your product. A good value proposition may include a headline that captures the client’s attention, followed by a few sentences that lay out the benefit of your proposition in more detail, followed up by a call-to-action to direct them on what to do next. Well-planned graphics also add interest to the value proposition, and give the eye a reason to hesitate.

5 Value Proposition Examples and Why They Work:

Stop hunting for outlets. The ABC battery is the size of a pack of gum, and gives your phone up to 10 hours of charge so you can roam as you please.

In order for a value proposition to have any effect on your potential customer, it must be meaningful to them. This means that they must be able to relate to and appreciate the value that your product offers. This means that you must know your audience and what they want or need in order to craft a successful value proposition. While some customers value lower cost, others prize quality, and others look for something that saves them time or is unique.

“What do you want to read next? Get access to 207,835 books in under 5 minutes.”

Your value proposition should aim to be as specific as possible. With so many products available, focus on the key points that make yours stand out, and remark on those in your value statement.

Music whenever you want. XYZ’s wireless speaker lets you bring the sickest beats along with you.

Speak your customer’s language. Get to know the type of person your customer is, and then use their natural vocabulary and sentence structure to reach out to them, rather than drowning them in jargon or sales speak.

Keep your photos private. The ABC app lets you put a password on pictures you want to keep safe.”

Make things clear immediately. Time is important to your customer, and you want to tell them what you can do for them right away, so they know whether to stick around and spend time on your product, or if it’s not for them. Also, make the next step easy for them, and provide a clear call-to-action to close your value proposition.

Don’t go hungry. 8 grams of protein. 12 vitamins and minerals. XYZ Energy Bars keep you fueled up and ready to go.

Finally, the value proposition should be simple, brief and to-the-point, in order to be eye-catching as well as respectful of your audience’s time.

Don’t forget that your value proposition should also look good. Remember that it’s an important part of your marketing campaign, and its appearance should reflect that. Visual simplicity is important, as you don’t want to overwhelm the eye, and attention to wording is vital, but factors such as font, colors and graphics all need to be carefully combined to present an appealing presentation that suits your brand.

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