Recipe: Easy Chicken Tacos

I know, it’s kind of random to see a recipe on a marketing website but this makes sense for a few reasons.

  • It’s an amazingly delicious and easy recipe!
  • Envision is in love with food of all kinds and designs packaging for all sorts of products.
  • This recipe just happens to include two of the products we have recently designed – not a shameless plug, just a happy coincidence.

That being said, I may make this a habit so if you like this recipe and want to see more, let me know!

Easiest Chicken Tacos Ever

Julio's mild salsaFeaturing Julio’s Salsa & Margarita’s Tortillas


1 can of beans (I choose black)

1 can of corn. drained

1 jar of Julio’s Salsa (choose your preferred level of spice)

2-3 large chicken breasts

1 lime

Margarita’s Flour Tortillas



Pour the first 3 ingredients into a crock pot, add chicken and cover with the tasty mix. Turn on crock pot and wait for your delicious dinner to prepare it’s self.

Cook time:

I’m a new mom and have very little time to prepare so I start with frozen chicken in the crock pot and let it simmer on low all day (approximately 8-9 hours). If you don’t need that much time, start with thawed chicken and you only need about 4 hours. Either way, the chicken will fall apart.


When you’re ready to serve, toast some of those amazing Margaritas tortillas until each of them is just crisp on one side. It’s important to toast them because it adds a nutty flavor and a great texture to the taco.

Stir the chicken mix and break up the chicken, squeeze the juice of 1/2 of a lime and mix in.

Spoon the awesome chicken mixture and a dab of avocado on your tortilla and enjoy!

If the mixture is not hot enough for you then try one of Julio’s new pepper sauces on top…they are pretty awesome as well!


Let me know what you think and if you’d like some more recipes. We all cook here and we’d love to share with you.