Marketing Brain IQ Test

Do you feel like you have a pretty good grasp on the basics of sales and marketing? Take this quiz and you may be surprised by the answers.

1. The smartest way to significantly grow sales is…

a.     Building loyalty
b.     Finding new customers

2. To build greater annual loyalty, it’s smarter to…

a.     Increase dollars purchased per purchase occasion
b.     Increase frequency of purchase

3. Most new products or services fail because of…

a.     Poor execution of sales and marketing
b.     Poor product or service performance
c.      Not being a very good idea in the first place

4. When creating ideas for new products or services, the smartest strategy is…

a.     To create ideas based on listening to the “voice of the customer”
b.     Create ideas that customers are not necessarily asking for

5. When presenting data to a customer you will be most effective if…

a.     You provide a clear and simple chart
b.     You explain the data in clear simple words

6. A customer letter or print ad has the best chances of success if…

a.     You respect their intelligence and write at a high-school level
b.     You dumb it down and write so a ten-year -old can understand it

7. Significant overall sales growth can be realized if…

a.     You cut your product line by as much as 50 percent
b.     You expand your product line to service all customers

8. When selling to a customer it is best to…

a.     Be blunt and direct about what you offer
b.     Use a softer, relationship-focused approach

9. Building customer credibility is most effective if you offer…

a.     A product demonstration
b.     Testimonials from satisfied customers

10. Forced to choose, buyers prefer sales people who are…

a.     Highly dependable
b.     Highly competent

11.The smartest way to introduce a new consumer product or service is to…

a.     Introduce it at a lower price to generate trial
b.     Keep your price at list price from the beginning

12. In industrial marketing it’s nine times more important to focus on…

a.     Price Advantages
b.     Performance and quality advantages

13. With a major breakthrough product or service, you can usually tell…

a.     You have a winner within twelve months
b.     It usually takes as much as six years before you can tell


How many do you think you got right?

11 to 13 Correct         You’re a sales and marketing superstar!

7 to 10 Correct           You’re significantly above average

3-6 Correct                You’re average (four is average)

0 to 2 Correct             You should read the book we nabbed this survey from

If you’d like to know the answers, stay tuned for our next blog post. If you simply can’t wait that long but have some time to invest in some reading, check out Jump Start Your Marketing Brain where we found this information.

In the mean time, tell us how many you got correct and what your thoughts are about the answers and these topics.