5 Reasons Google AdWords Brings In Serious ROI

Google Ad Words

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the oldest forms of online marketing, and still one of the most effective. Just as with other marketing tools and advertising channels, it’s essential to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Google AdWords, one of the biggest names in the industry, leverages the power of its popular search engine to connect your message with qualified prospects.

Here are five benefits of Google AdWords that make your online advertising more productive and address many common concerns.

1. Google AdWords generates immediate traffic on your site.

Conventional SEO strategies are valuable, but they take time to build, creating long stretches with potentially few visitors to your site. With link building and other strategies, you are sometimes rolling the dice with no immediate guarantee of return. Google AdWords pairs your ads with appropriate sites, providing instant visibility and greater likelihood of clicks. An optimized Ad Rank positions your ads at the top of searches that suggest an interest in your product or service.

2. Ads can be tailored to your specific target market.

If an ad falls when no one is around, does it make a sound? AdWords’ location targeting lets you focus on the areas you want, from countries and regions down to cities, counties or neighborhoods. Looking for international business? Your ads can be customized to the language of the target country. These and other tools combine to ensure that your message is seen in the most relevant places.

3. Ad testing is simple and relatively risk-free.

Testing ads on your own can be a painful trial-and-error process. AdWords Campaign Experiments gives you a chance to dip your toe in the water before committing to major changes in crucial marketing elements like your keywords. There are no additional charges and you can end any experiment whenever you choose, leaving you free to either scrap the changes or put them into action them across any campaign.

4. Results are easily defined and measured.

A common complaint about online marketing is the difficulty of quantifying and evaluating results. AdWords clearly defines criteria like return on investment, brand awareness, and conversions while providing methods of measuring each. Linking Google Analytics with AdWords gives you a robust tool with features like auto-tagging to provide a wealth of metrics you can use to analyze and refine your campaign.

5. Google AdWords is budget-friendly.

Some platforms feel like a money pit, where you continually pour cash into them before seeing a return. This situation is especially concerning for small businesses. Google AdWords requires only a modest fee to establish an account. Once that is done, you are billed only when a specified action takes place. Most companies use pay-per-click, but you can also use conversions, impressions or views as your criteria, depending on your goals. For each campaign you set your own budget and manage it with tools like automatic bidding.

Today’s competitive business landscape makes it more imperative than ever for you get a solid return on investment from your advertising dollars. Google AdWords is a dependable partner that can help you navigate the choppy waters of online marketing and cast your line into the most plentiful areas.

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