4 Ways to Get Killer Corporate Photography

Corporate Photography

Your corporate photography is an important tool for presenting your brand and identity on all your promotional material, from your website, pamphlets, portfolios, trade show displays, and even to in-house newsletters. Whether you need quality photographs of your products or your team, here are 4 tips for guiding your eye for your needs.

1. Pick a photographer to match your personality

With so many photographers on the market, it becomes important to choose someone with the right qualifications. Typically, a company will hire an experienced corporate photographer with a portfolio covering typical studio head shots, corporate events, and in-office examples. This can be a perfect fit for when you want to convey seriousness and professionalism (such as a law firm).

An experienced photographer should be able to upgrade traditional corporate shots–such as head shots and company group photos–into something that adds personality. Even if you still want or need more traditional-looking photographs, a good photographer will be prepared to provide all the shots you need.

2.  Get shots of engagement

Static photographs of your company’s individuals can convey to potential clients a sense of stiffness or distance that can make them weary of interacting with your company. Having professional photographs of your company in action, whether in the office or at a work site, generates a better sense of your company’s service. Photos of your own employees demonstrating a product or providing a service also showcases your company’s expertise.

In addition, getting company shots of your team outside of work at corporate events and dinners can provide clients insight on how well your team operates together. These types of photos can add a warm relationship to your brand, which can inspire clients and customers to work with you.

3. Avoid clichés, present personality

As with any company, you will need traditional head shots and group photos for all types of materials. But that does not mean your photographs need to look like they came straight from a stock photo website. Make your company distinguishable by adding personality to even the most standard photographs. You can do this by forgoing a studio photo shoot and instead have company employees take profile photos or head shots at their own offices in natural poses. By photographing each person in a similar way but in distinguishable offices, your photos will look more dynamic and natural.

Your photographer also becomes a great asset when it comes to creativity, as he or she can help steer away from traditional photos of suits shaking hands, or the company group photo under the company name and logo. Instead, the photographer can direct photo shoots in more natural settings in and around the office that still provides a professional look yet personable appearance.

4. Get photographs for different audiences

Think about how your photographs will look to different audiences. For example, photographs of semi-casually dressed employees helping customers gives a different image than the same employees dressed for meeting other business professionals. With these differences in mind, consider having a diverse set of photographs to choose from when publishing them on particular outlets: photographs of employees having a typical, fun day in the office is great for social media engagement, while professional head shots can be important for B2B conference pamphlets.

With these four tips for guidance, you can have quality, corporate photography that presents your company in the best light.

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