Website Design: 10 More Awesome Content Tips

The journey to perfect website design will never end. We recently posted 10 content marketing tips that we learned during a trip to New York for an SEO conference.  Below are 10 more tips offered by Idea Launch to enhance your content marketing and get better traffic and conversions from your website.


1.     Speak the Local Language

Before you crank out an article or content asset make a list of popular words and phrases used by people in your industry. Your content should read like they talk. “People research” to understand the right voice for your audience. IT is often more useful than keyword research. Research indicates that you’ll connect more effectively with your readers and to sophisticated spider bots if your language is in tune with your industry.

2.     Solutions Sell

Products are static things. But solutions are active answers to challenges your prospective clients care about. Make the transformation: feature content on your product pages that specifies how your products can solve problems. You’ll reach prospects at the right place and time – when they’re considering a purchase – so you can expect your conversions to skyrocket! Content that solves problems drives traffic and increases sales.

3.     Tips Power Affiliate Programs

To keep visitors interested and attract repeat viewers, webmasters all need a steady stream of new and appealing content. Put the power of content widgets to work for your affiliates by launching your own RSS of XML feed offering tips and advice for their customers featuring trackable links back to your website. Content Widgets are not hard to set up, and they offer a turnkey solution for syndication content out to you affiliates.

4.     Escape Keyword Traps

Yes, it’s important to use rich keywords within the content on your website. But content that’s created specifically for spider-bots may lead readers on wild goose chases, leaving you with frustrated readers and prospects. Instead, content should always be written to educate, inform, enlighten, change impressions, encourage trial or induce actions. Make sure your content includes keywords that are relevant and have meaning for the reader!

5.     Become an Author and Authority

The root of the web is academia. That’s where it all began and that’s where it all may end up, with search engines focusing more on who wrote the content rather than the keyword richness. So step up to this authority status by publishing a printed book. Wisdom earns respect, establishes you as a leader and helps buld your brand. On-demand publishing allows you to get the words out and the status in. eBooks also offer a fast path to authority status.

6.     It’s What’s Inside that counts

Too many websites miss the opportunity to build a link strategy within their site that can help customers quickly find answers to the problems and help support SEO strategy.  Capitalize on this missed opportunity – make sure you have keyword-rich contextual links to your internal pages. Contextual links help solve problems, and solving problems leads to increased sales.

7.     Fishy Keyword Links

The way you craft your internal links can help search engines resolve questions of ambiguity and equivocation. For example, in the sentence, “I’m a fish out of water her, but I’m learning how the place works,” the isolated link phrase ‘fish out of water’ could refer to salmon or a newcomer. But the other words in the sentence resolve the ambiguity and validate the meaning. When you’re engineering a content marketing strategy, craft words around link phrases that support the SEO strategy of the landing pages.

8.     Know Your Content

The integration of a content marketing plan with your sales team and customer service team is critical for success. Your customers are reading your content and want to share their own ideas and thoughts. Your sales reps and customer service reps essentially control the timing and tenor of communications with your customers and prospects. Make sure your people are up to date on your content so they can have sustained dialogue with customers and advance the steps of the sales process.

9.     Content Conversion Path

Content marketing programs must deliver the right content at the right time. Too much content, and the prospect is burdened. Not enough of the right content and the reader moves on. The right strategy is to research both the hot topics and the big problems, and map out a content timeline. In a typical 5-step sales cycle, by increasing the number of prospects moving through each step by 3% to 5%, you can double the number of sales.

10. Content Marketing Sales Funnel

As leads flow into your database from content marketing initiatives, content asset engagement is tracked, measured and tagged in the database. The more people that interact with your content assets, the hotter the leads for the sales reps. The best leads rise to the top with point systems for interaction. Cold calls become warmer calls with database intelligence.


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