Why Having A Copywriter On Your Marketing Team Is An Absolute Necessity

Need A Copywriter

Everyone within your company has a role to play, and without any of them success would be much more difficult. However, one of the most important ones is often one of the most overlooked. This role is, of course, that of a dedicated copywriter. If your marketing team doesn’t have one yet, you’re missing out on serious branding and conversion opportunities.

Why is a copywriter so important?

Imagine a ravine, with your products on one side and your customers on the other. Your business needs to find a way to encourage the customers to cross the ravine to buy your products. Seems an impossible situation as it stands.

Enter the copywriter. They can not only build a stable bridge to the other side, but can also guide the customers across that bridge directly to your company. Many imagine that this job can be done by anyone who knows how to write, but the skill is much more specialized in many circumstances.

What essential skills does your copywriter need?

Copywriting, like most other roles, takes time, skill, and determination to master. Lots of people can string a sentence together, but that doesn’t make them a copywriter. A copywriter is a storyteller, a marketer, a poet and a walking thesaurus. In one piece of compelling copy, they can tell the customer what problems they’re facing, how your product or service will fill that void, why buying it will make them feel good, and then make them want to buy it… yesterday. A quality copywriter can also use that written copy to make the reader bring brand awareness to their family, friends, and work colleagues as well.

It’s more than just the finished product

Writing is the finished product of the copywriter; it is the end of the journey rather than the beginning. In order to infuse your copy with the correct tone and emotion that brings your customers flocking across that bridge, the writer also needs to have an in-depth understanding of your brand and goals.

First, and most importantly, they must understand human behavior; they need to know what makes your specific customers tick. Once they know this, they can paint a picture of why your product fits their needs.

The other side of this equation, of course, is knowledge of your company and your product. One of the keys that make a copywriter extra special is that they will also take the time and effort to research your competitors. By doing this, they can see how your competitors are reaching their goals (or not doing so) and adjust accordingly.

Checking what works

Once your copywriting bridge is in place, it is tempting to sit back and watch your customers come across. However, the job isn’t done. Your copywriter needs to be working on a second bridge already – one that has just one or two specific improvements over the first bridge. These changes need to be measurable, and once completed, divert some of your customers towards this second bridge so you can compare the results. This is continuous adjusting and testing and it is the best way to maximize profits.

Go get your copywriter now

Compelling copy, based on research and testing is an art form that is not open to everyone. Investing in a dedicated, experienced copywriter as part of your marketing team will save you time and money while increasing your customer retention and your profits.