Social Media Content Ideas for When Your Creativity’s On a Break

Social Media Content Ideas

Coming up with social media content ideas over and over again can be exhausting. After a few months of posting, it gets progressively harder to be unique and creative. Don’t worry, we’re here to make it all go away. In the 2017 world of marketing, content remains king and nowhere is this more true than on social media. The key to winning with your social media strategy is to make an impression.

Social media users crave both novelty and familiarity. Just look at the variety of memes, videos, and gifs constantly circulating on your Facebook feed. It’s your job to cut through all that noise by sharing social media content that embodies some form of novelty. While you’re at it, keep in mind that all of your content needs to maintain a consistent brand voice that’s true to your messaging.


Fun Social Media Content Ideas

Depending on how conservative your brand is, using a little humor every now and then isn’t a bad idea. Imagine what would make your ideal customer smile and then create a series of posts designed to do just that. If your content can cause someone to feel something you’ll make a lasting impression.

Here’s a few of our favorite fun social media content ideas:

  • Share a humorous meme or GIF and ask your followers to tag a friend they’re reminded of
  • Highlight the quirks of your company culture with behind the scenes photos, videos, and quotes
  • Run a simple contest that requires followers to participate by submitting photos with your products, writing a post and tagging your brand page, or captioning a meme
  • Collaborate with another company and create a coordinated plan to strategically post on social media on both brand accounts
  • Go live during a big event and prepare what you’ll say, where you’ll shoot, and what you want to show ahead of time

Create a “2 Facts and 1 Lie” post with three industry or brand facts (one that’s false) and ask your audience to guess which one is a lie

social media content ideas

Informative Social Media Content Ideas

For the brand that’s a bit more straight-laced you can produce valuable posts by educating and informing your audience. There’s a misconception that B2B social media content is boring and that’s just the way it is. We disagree.

More formal social media content can still be interesting and engaging. Here’s a few ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Create a share a branded infographic that answers questions your audience wants answered
  • Post case studies that highlight the success of your brand
  • Share daily or weekly industry tips in the form of a graphic, video, or blog post
  • Find 3rd party content from respected sources that adds value and variety to your social media content mix
  • Share product or service review videos that answer common FAQs related to your business
  • Industry research and statistics can make for highly-engaging content, especially when it has the potential to directly impact your audience
  • Try participating, or even running, a Twitter chat on topics related to your industry

social media content ideas

Topical Social Media Content Ideas

Social media newsfeeds and timelines function as a constant stream of information. More and more people are accessing the news via online sources. According to TechCrunch, approximately 62% of adults now get their news online.

One of the easiest ways to generate new social media content ideas is to focus on creating topical content. Here’s a few tips to get you started:

  • Research recent news items and post about the ones that are relevant to your brand
  • Take advantage of trending hashtags, but only when they topic relates to your industry
  • Capitalize on themes, such as holidays, national beer day, breast cancer awareness month, and many more
  • Talk about developments within your organization and the changes that will be happening

social media content ideas

Topical social media content shows your audience that you’re intimately familiar with your industry and how events affect your business. People also like knowing that a real human being is the one behind the controls of your social media presence and topical content is a great way to promote your human side.

If none of these ideas get your creative juices flowing, we have one more suggestion; get ridiculous. Seriously. Sometimes the best ideas flow from the most ridiculous and obnoxious brain storming sessions.

And don’t forget, the best professionals are copycats that improved on the work of others. Take a look at your competitor’s social media accounts and see how you can improve on their best content ideas. Why start from scratch when you can follow best practices?