It’s Not Just SEO: Reap These 3 Benefits of Blogging

Benefits of Blogging

Blogs are so ubiquitous these days that they’ve come to seem like an indispensable part of any online business presence. While well-run blogs are obviously valuable assets, it’s easy to lose track of the reasons why. Understanding the potential benefits of blogging will help you get the most out of this imperative marketing tool.

Reach More of Your Target Customers

Rank higher

Because search engines rank fresh content higher, the very act of regularly updating your blog can improve your site’s rankings and expand your business’ reach. Writing relevant content places topical keywords on your site, further suggesting to search engines that your blog deserves a high ranking.

Target customers

Blogging lets you target potential customers as they reach specific points in the buying cycle. By including commercial intent keywords and phrases used by people looking to buy your products or services, you’ll attract more visitors to your blog and you’re likely to generate more sales. The more content you have, the better your chances of ranking for long-tail search queries, too.

Improve your visibility

Blogging can also garner support from other website owners, improving your company’s visibility and reach. When sites in complementary industries link to your site via social media or blog posts, the exposure you receive will introduce your business to new audiences while also boosting your search engine rankings.

Strengthen Your Reputation

Demonstrate your expertise

Listing qualifications and experience on your “About” page proves nothing to potential customers. Your blog, on the other hand, gives you a way to demonstrate your expertise and capabilities. A combination of text, images, video, and audio can provide solid evidence of your competency. By publishing step-by-step how-to posts, you can help members of your target market solve their problems and improve their lives. This builds the trust and appreciation necessary to win them over as customers.

Garner more leads

Visitors who trust your expertise are more likely to sign up for your email newsletter and other lead generation systems. In fact, businesses that blog pull in 67 percent more leads than those that don’t, according to data from Social Media B2B. Your blog can also supply you with newsletter content, such as top 3 lists of your recent posts.

Prove your authority

A blog showcases your ability to put forth innovative solutions, anticipate trends, and express clear visions of the future. This position of authority establishes you as a thought leader in your industry, gaining you the respect of your customers and peers alike.

Cultivate Profitable Relationships

Build relationships

Blogging opens up a pathway for communication between you and potential leads, helping you to build personal connections with customers and rapport with unique visitors. By asking questions, soliciting opinions, or even just encouraging comments, you can pick up valuable feedback and insight from customers. You may even find that your readers inspire ideas you would have never thought of otherwise.

Build rapport

Writing as an individual rather than a faceless corporate entity humanizes your company and sets it apart from competitors. When blog posts include personality and touch on relevant topics and issues, your readers are more likely to build an emotional bond with your company.

Strengthen customer loyalty

In addition to encouraging sales, building a bond with your readers strengthens customer loyalty. Customers who have complaints or concerns will be more likely to bring them to you rather than jump ship for one of your competitors. If you run into trouble that stirs up bad publicity, you’ll have an army of fans ready to support you on social media.


One of the often-overlooked benefits of blogging is the chance to network with peers and talk one-on-one with some of the biggest names in your industry. Your blog opens up these windows of opportunities by providing a platform for guest posts and interviews by experts and leaders in your field.

By getting familiar with the ways blogging helps drive traffic to your site, you’ll be better positioned to reap its benefits.

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