How to Start a Blog: Answers to All Your Beginner Questions

How to start a blog

You’ve figured out your web host, layout design, and your domain name, but you still have a few ‘getting started’ questions. What do you do before you dive into your blog? You might be wondering:

  • Do I build up a library of posts so that my readers don’t see only one?
  • What sort of voice and tone do I use?
  • Who will be reading it?
  • Who do I want to be reading it?
  • How do I know when to post?

Blogging is practically an ancient art when measured against the Age of the Internet, so you might be embarrassed to ask these questions if you’re just getting going. We can help educate you on how to start a blog! Listen up.

What Voice and Tone Do I Use When Starting a Blog?

This ‘how to start a blog’ question has similar steps to segmenting your leads. You need to know what your goals are and what you’re looking for before you get started… you’ll want to start with a tonal reference point.  A tonal reference point is comprised of keywords that don’t necessarily have to do with SEO. Think of the words that immediately pop up when you envision your brand and/or business. What is the first impression you want to give clients and potential clients? Start here when thinking about how to start a blog.

Who Will Be Reading My New Blog?

Kevin Kelly says that all you need for a sustainable business is a small audience of true fans. What better way to attract them than by sharing ideas that compel them to follow you?

Picture the people you envision as true fans, reading your blog. Zoom your focus in on one ideal customer/client. Imagine this person in great detail and write it down to really form him or her. From this point forward, write all of your blog posts to your true fan. This is a great checkpoint for your marketing initiatives – do you have buyer personas? You should be targeting them here with your blog content.

How Do I Know When to Post to My New Blog?

In her article, “How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog”, Kaleigh Moore says, “Creating an editorial calendar for your blog not only helps reduce the stress of coming up with a fresh idea on the spot, but it helps you think about your blogging efforts from a big picture standpoint.”  She also offers tips and tools for calendar creation. We believe you’ll find blogging so much easier when you have a plan in front of you as well as some automation.

Do I Build Up a Library of Posts Before I Start a Blog?

We think this is a great idea. If you can aim for 10 posts and then make your blog live, it will show people that you have a lot to offer in terms of thought leadership and content knowledge.

How to Start a Blog: Practice Patience

Finally, some helpful tips and a healthy perspective from a blogger turned brand maven Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere:

  • Be patient with your goals since success will most likely come slowly, if at all.
  • If you’re creating original content, be prepared for it to consume a lot of your time. Consider a copywriter.
  • For areas that you’re not skilled in, find great collaborators.
  • Be authentic and learn to differentiate yourself. Most likely, the category you’ll cover is overly saturated with content, so you need to find a way to make your work stand out.

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