New Offering: Free COVID-19 Marketing Consultation & Action Plan


The outbreak of COVID-19 is impacting all businesses, including the hard-working owners, operators, staff, and just about everyone within the small-business industry. In these tough times, the outlook may seem bleak, however, the most important thing that you can do is remain calm and strategic – with your marketing efforts and customers.

Brands should be proactively trying to understand what their customers are thinking and how to work ahead of their concerns. The success of a business in the short term and long term is determined by how quickly a brand can adapt to this economic change and pivot their marketing strategies accordingly.

So, how do you adapt your marketing strategies to ensure you get through these challenging times, as well as prosper thereafter? Enter: Envision Creative’s Marketing Strategists

Our biggest priority right now is helping our community access the marketing resources they need to keep their business running, Free Of Charge.

For a limited time, we’re offering businesses a free 1-hour marketing consultation and a customized marketing action plan to help companies effectively manage through the crisis, keep revenue up, and costs down.

Our team of experienced marketing professionals will help your business answer the following questions that have been probably swirling around in your head since the beginning of March 2020.

  1. How do I address COVID-19 concerns that my customers are having?
  2. Do I pivot to a digital-first strategy?
  3. Do I stick with my old messaging and pretend it’s still business as usual? (Hint: no)
  4. Should I start or stop media spend?
  5. I have a brick and mortar, and no one is buying from my business. What should I do?
  6. How can I engage with my customers?
  7. How do I show customers my gratitude during these challenging times?
  8. Are my competitors pivoting their marketing strategy?
    And Much More….

We’ll take you through each step with tips, questions, and recommendations to help your business come out of this with a custom marketing strategy that fits your industry and your situation.

According to Envision Creative’s Founder and CEO, David Smith:

“During times of economic uncertainty, it is more important than ever to ensure your marketing approach has a strategic plan in place. Creating or reevaluating your current marketing plan should be the first step in working to adapt to uncertain economic times. Identifying your ideal target audience, along with a competitive SWOT analysis will become your litmus test for how to best utilize your marketing budget for maximum effectiveness.”

So, what do the free 1-hour marketing consultation and customized marketing action plan process look like?

In This Process:

  1. You can reach out to us either through our consultation form or give us a call at 512-292-1049 to request the consultation.
  2. We will provide you with a short marketing questionnaire to fill out in order to help our marketing experts formulate a consultation and action plan based on your unique challenges and needs.
  3. An Envision Creative executive will contact you as soon as possible to schedule the free 1-hour consultation, as well as discuss your survey responses.
  4. Finally, our team will present you with the marketing action plan to help you acquire and retain customers through this economic change.

Again, we’re making ourselves available to you, the affected small businesses of Austin (and beyond), free of charge. We just want to help!

The sooner you put us to work to develop a plan for your business, the easier you can breathe during these tough times, knowing that you’ve activated a marketing plan equipped to handle these choppy markets. Schedule your free consultation today and stay safe out there!