How to Perform An Effective Competitor Analysis [Free Guide]

Competitor Analysis

Have you recently performed a competitor analysis for your company? Also, do you know how to do one efficiently and effectively?

If you’re unsure, or if your previous “analysis” was a quick scroll through of their social media accounts, you’re likely missing out on important data that could help your brand effectively position its product or service, create compelling persona content, and outperform competitors.

What exactly is a competitive analysis or audit?

A competitive analysis is a strategy where you analyze your industry. You’ll be able to identify your direct competitors and deep dive into their product or service, online, and marketing strategies. Through this audit, you can develop solid goals and company strategies that will help you rise above your competitors.

We understand conducting a competitive analysis takes a good amount of time. However, you’ll set a realistic business strategy that will allow you to compete, and eventually outperform your competitors online.

Also, if you’re setting up or revamping your online content strategy, implementing in-depth research like this will help you orient yourself within the market, identify opportunities to overtake competitors, and determine where you should put your effort and resources.

Download our Free Competitor Analysis Guide to learn how to identify your major competitors, analyze their online content strategy, equip your marketing team with a strategy to compete during the buyer’s decision stage, and discover how to run an effective, on-going analysis that sets your company apart.

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Define your buyer personas
  • Understand your industry and identify direct competitors
  • Analyze their online content strategy for quality and reach
  • Grade your competitor’s SEO and paid advertising to increase your own authority
  • Lastly, develop an effective analysis presentation to align your team and outperform competitors

So, channel your inner Sherlock Holmes, put your spy hat and goggles on, and get started with your competitor analysis today by downloading our free guide! (Because considering today’s digital market, they’ve probably already run an audit on you.)

Competitor Analysis Report