5 Ways to Rock Your Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a powerful tool companies use to increase business, but it’s not like the Field of Dreams where “if you build it, they will come.” According to Hubspot, “54% more leads are generated by inbound tactics than traditional paid marketing.” Savvy marketers must roll up their sleeves and put some strategic thought into their inbound campaigns. If they do, enormous rewards are possible.

Let’s delve into five ways to rock your inbound marketing.

Give leads content they can’t resist

Lead prospects to your website with content that appeals to them. Write blogs that answer their questions concerning issues and processes. Create webpages that provide them valuable information that address their pain points. Tailored information engages more leads, and drives a greater number of prospects through your sales cycle.

Hang out where your customers are

Social selling is essential for companies to excel. Do a little research on which platforms your clients use, and then develop a strong presence there. Engage your clients and prospects with relevant information they will find valuable. Sharing the great content you have created will also set you up in the buyer’s mind as an expert, a thought leader. Posting engaging information will drive prospects back to other pieces of content on your website, where you can capture their information and set them on the buyer’s journey.

Convince them to share their information

If a prospect has read some content and cruised around your website, it’s time to move the process along a bit. You must offer calls-to-action to capture their information.

It’s critical for this step to work, or the inbound plan will fall flat. No pressure, right? Design clear calls-to-action that encourage visitors to click. They can direct readers to download an e-book, register for a webinar, or take a survey. The offer must entice prospects enough for them to share their contact information. Sprinkle relevant calls-to-action across your web pages, and attach them to attractive, easy to understand landing pages.

A word of warning: Don’t ask for too much information at once, or it will turn the prospect off. With calls-to-action, simplicity is the key to unlocking the maximum number of leads.

Manage those hard-earned leads

According to Forrester Research, “companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost.” Implementing marketing campaigns nurtures leads by providing them with valuable, informative content. Even if they are not ready to buy, marketing can continue to engage with them. When the time comes to buy, you will still be at the forefront of their minds in a positive way. You have given them great information to help them make their buying decision!

Review and measure

Making the effort to create a strategic inbound marketing plan and not reviewing the results is similar to playing a basketball game and not keeping score. Who had the most rebounds? Did anyone foul out? Who knows?! Measuring results shows if the work was successful, or if the project wasted time.

It’s essential to review every inbound marketing campaign and measure it against the goal. Look at what worked and what fell short. Try to pinpoint what went wrong if the initiative performed poorly. Marketing teams can only learn and improve by reviewing and measuring results.

Being an inbound marketing rock star is well within your grasp. It takes planning, goal setting, and lots of work. The result is stronger lead generation, a faster sales cycle, and more revenue. And that really does ROCK!

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