4 Reasons to Consider a PPC Management Strategy

PPC Management Strategy

As a decision-maker in your organization, you’re always looking for ways to get the word out about how awesome your company is. You’ve probably been focusing on getting your content up to SEO standards so that search engines will notice you and send potential customers your way.  While we’re certainly not going to discount the necessities of adhering to SEO best practices, there are some options you should consider pairing with your other marketing strategies.


Enter:  PPC Management Strategy

PPC management, which stands for pay-per-click management, is one of the founding principles of internet advertising.  The days of annoying pop-up ads that turn customers off from your brand are gone, but that doesn’t mean that artful PPC management channels haven’t been born.  In fact, it’s quite the contrary.  When done properly, PPC management can mean the difference between a great company and a great company that people know about.

Here’s why:


1. ROI is Embedded in the Product.

When you’re considering a PPC campaign, you have to factor in how much you’ll make on each sale.  If you’ve employed great AdWords campaign management, the strategy will pay for itself many times over.  Since you’re only paying for people who click on your advertisement instead of paying for the space itself, you know that your money is going towards potential customers who have already been led to your site and are one step closer to a purchase decision.  Good targeting can help make your money even more effective– you’ll only get clicks from people who are likely to be interested in your industry.  In fact, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau, Q1 of 2015 saw historic numbers, with $13.3 billion in U.S. internet ad revenue being reported, exceeding Q1 of 2014 by 16%.

The Key to Success: Hire a stellar PPC management team who will understand where your ads need to go to get your money flowing in the right direction.


2. People Will Click on Your Product.

Doesn’t it feel good to have people knocking down your door asking for more information about your specialty?  Some analysts think that PPC is dead, but that’s simply not true.  Thanks to properly placed ads, you’ll have the ability to target your selected demographic as narrowly as you’d like, or you can cast a net encompassing all of cyberspace to attract eyes.  Of course, the former works better since you’ll be talking directly to people who are more likely to have an interest in your awesomeness.  Your analytical insights, in turn, will help you identify the time, place, and devices that will best deliver your marketing messages in the future.

The Key to Success:  Adhere to your analytics and allow the data to point you towards a successful PPC campaign strategy.


3. Results Rear Their Heads Rapidly.

Organic search, inbound marketing strategies, and other messaging channels are essential to businesses in many ways, but most of these methods take time to analyze what’s working and what needs modified to be more successful.  PPC management, however, has the ability to start showing results almost immediately.  If you start a PPC campaign on Monday, you’ll likely start to see numbers trickle in by Tuesday regarding traffic and conversion rates.  Of course, early numbers are far from the end-all be-all data that should govern your overall strategy, but it’s always nice to have a baseline from which to tailor your efforts.

The Key to Success:  Start looking at the numbers from the very beginning, but be patient as you wait for a more full picture to form.


4. Your Budget Easily Stays Within Its Boundaries.

With traditional marketing, it can be hard to track exactly how much money you need, and once it is spent, sometimes you’re not really sure where it all went.  PPC management, on the other hand, allows you to easily manage your marketing budget because you only pay when a person takes a measurable step: they click.  You’ll know exactly who’s clicking on your ad each time, which will help you continually hone your strategies as time goes on. Since your cyber real estate is free until someone clicks on your ad space, brand impressions that can have residual effect later on are free of charge.

The Key to Success:  Make your cents make sense with clickable strategies focused on targeting the right folks, and set a budget cap just in case.

PPC management won’t solve all your marketing dilemmas, but it can be one truly effective piece of a larger marketing strategy.

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