Social Media Reporting Checklist: How To Present & Prove Your Social ROI

Social Media Reporting Checklist

There are over 3.8 billion social media users across the globe. As you can probably imagine, social media is becoming increasingly important for businesses. It’s imperative to evaluate your campaign efforts in order to help your company continue to increase brand awareness, qualified leads, and grow.

There are multiple ways to report on social media results, as well as many ways to present them. Likewise, it’s important to understand how to accurately review and present the results a concise manner. (Because the common misconception is that social marketers get to play on Facebook all day.)

Download the Free 2020 Social Media Reporting Checklist to learn how to prioritize your strategies, continuously produce engaging content, outperform goals, and positively impact your bottom line. By doing so, our list will provide the best tips for creating a valuable monthly report. Also, it will help you understand the metrics and data you should include. You will be able to easily summarize the wins, losses, and lessons for each month.

Whether your job is to manage every social channel of an organization or to focus on individual campaigns and channels, this Social Media Reporting Checklist will help you create a more efficient and effective report.

Download the Checklist To:

  • Establish Social Media Strategy Goals & KPIs
  • Structure Meaningful & Accurate Social Reports
  • Identify Key Features Your Reports Should Include
  • Analyze Results & Highlight Opportunities
  • And Much More…

By tracking and applying the process of social media reporting to your marketing strategy, you’ll be able to more effectively reach your audience. This will lead to improvements in areas that are tied to your ROI like engagement, conversations, and more.

Download the Free Social Media Reporting Checklist to determine the most optimal way to track your social media analytics and build deeper relationships with your customers, prospects, and followers.