Why You Can’t Do Inbound Marketing on Your Own (And Wouldn’t Want To)

Inbound Marketing

We know, you hate hearing how you can’t do something by yourself. We’ve all hated hearing that phrase from as young as when we were learning to tie our shoes. But there are some things that deserve a helping hand from a team of experts. Even though we’ve provided many tips and techniques for self inbound marketing, we also know that there are times when it should be handled by professionals. Here’s three reasons why you don’t even want to try inbound marketing on your own.

It Saves You Time and Money

In sum, time equals money. Inbound marketing encompasses so much, from creating and publishing blog content to managing marketing emails, nurturing leads, and assessing and interpreting results. There’s a lot that goes into this type of work, which means a lot of time and effort spent running, analyzing, adjusting, and promoting marketing strategies. When you work on it on your own, you might be wasting valuable time and effort that could be spent elsewhere. Hiring an agency can maximize your income by doing the hard work for you and generating real leads and results. Whether you’re a small business just beginning your marketing campaigns, or a well-established organization needing to revamp your strategy, hiring a marketing agency is well worth the budget and saves you time.

A Professional Agency Will Stay On-Track

As a business owner or marketing manager, we know you’re in charge of managing many tasks on a day-to-day business. You’re likely an expert multi-tasker, so inbound marketing work just seems like one more task to add to the pile…and as we all know when managing multiple tasks at once, it’s easy to end up putting our least favorite tasks on the back-burner.

Inbound marketing is a fast-paced job with many small tasks that need constant nurturing and prioritizing. When each task is not done well, it will affect the rest of the marketing machine.  Putting it aside entirely might slow down important components of your marketing and lead generation plan, creating inefficiency and wasting money.

Even though parts of the overall strategy are automated by integration using software like HubSpot, someone has to conduct ongoing analysis and execution that will better serve your company, website, and social media outlets, and most importantly – Sales. Inbound marketing is detail-oriented work that benefits from a team keeping a close eye on it to develop the best techniques and strategies for improved success. Not only will a professional agency know how to structure and take care of your inbound marketing for you, they will stay on top of the rigorous schedule it requires, making regular adjustments as needed.

You’ll Get Improved and True Results

We’ve all done this before: we’ve given advice or influenced our friends, family, and even strangers, based on what we thought was best for them. We’ve stubbornly stuck to our opinions or ideas, which has clouded our judgement or made false perceptions about our audience.

For businesses, that stubbornness can play a big role in the success of marketing campaigns and ideas. From how a website design looks to the type of content that’s published in the company blog, those decisions are influenced by the person in-charge. It might be hard to optimize content, design, or tweets for your target audience versus the internal decision makers. When done right, an inbound marketing agency addresses these pitfalls and helps your website and campaigns run smoothly, quickly, and efficiently by targeting and personalizing according to what your customers and visitors want.

Having an agency do your inbound marketing work gives you an unbiased partner that is looking out for your best interests. Agencies are conscientious about what attracts and engages your audience, and with their experience, insights and tools, create valuable analysis and information that’s hard to do internally. So while you can possibly do all these things on your own, why would you? The efforts to maintain an optimal inbound marketing strategy by yourself can leave you wasting your time and resources. Therefore, trusting these efforts to your marketing agency gives you more energy to run your company and plan other cool marketing tactics.