The Almighty Power of Business Signs


When it comes to advertising and marketing, it can take a lot of money each month just to keep pace with the competitor. However, having business signs outside of your company is a great way to extend a one time purchase into a lifetime of advertising. The right sign can make any business memorable instantly, so it’s important to get it right. Here are some reasons why a business sign can be great for your business:

Cheap for the long term

Business signs are an investment, but they are just a one time cost. It’s likely that you will spend thousands of dollars on advertising through other avenues, but business signs will always be a constant. Consider what the monthy investment would be over the lifetime of your business and will look like more of a bargain.

Instant familiarity

This can be a good thing, or a bad thing. If there is a business that has a bland sign, potential customers may ignore the place altogether. If a sign is truly terrible and cheesy, those same customers are likely to actively avoid the place. A great sign, however, will really be appealing to a customer. A professional and eye-catching look alone turns heads in a positive manner. Customers will then actively search out the companies with the great business signs and keeping coming again and again.

‘Round-the-Clock Advertising

The great thing about business signs is that they are always working. Even when the company is closed for the day, the sign will let customers know about your business. Think of business signs as billboards that don’t get replaced. Customers will see the sign and create a note to make a visit to the company when it is open.

How much do customers love a good sign?

According to a poll conducted by FedEx, business signs have more impact than you may have originally thought. 75 percent of survey takers have admitted to spreading the words of a business based solely on its sign. In addition, 68 percent revealed that a good sign is equal to a good business, and that poor or bland signs reflect low quality business tactics. As a matter of fact, 52 percent of the surveyed customers were not willing to go into a business with poorly made signs. It just goes to show you that a bad sign can for your company can take away half of your potential market.

Think about it.

Now that you have seen how greatly a good sign can impact a business, it’s time to make the right investment. A professional and appealing sign (preferably two or three per storefront) can really make a business. Find a design that best fits your company, and you are sure to see new customers frequently.