23 Social Media Questions that Will Help You Create a Winning Strategy

Social Media Questions

If you’re getting ready to implement a social media strategy for your business, you’re going to want to answer a handful of fundamental questions — which will allow you to hit the ground running with as much knowledge and preparation as possible. The more you research, the better your chances of a successful, impactful social media presence.

23 Essential Social Media Strategy Questions

One of the hardest parts about developing a social media strategy is figuring out where to begin. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the 23 most essential social media strategy questions you need to answer to establish a strong social presence. We’ve even divided all 23 questions into six sections that will allow you to approach your social media strategy development with precision and efficiency.

As you go through these questions, keep in mind that your business should already have most of the answers. If you’re having too much trouble, it may be time to take a step back to re-evaluate whether or not your brand has a purposeful mission statement and S.M.A.R.T. (Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Relevant – Time-Bound) business goals.

Defining Your Purpose on Social Media

1. Why do you want your brand on social media?

2. What do you want to achieve on social media?

3. What social channels are you focused on and why?

4. How will social media help you achieve your business goals?

5. How will social media help you fulfill your mission statement?

Defining Your Audience on Social Media

6. Who is your ideal audience?

7. What social platforms do they use?

8. How can you provide pain-point solutions for your audience on social media?

9. What interests does your audience have?

10. What brand messaging will your audience respond to positively?

Defining Your Social Media Capabilities

11. Do you have a skilled team that can perform social media marketing and social media community management?

12. Does your team need social media training?

13. How often should you be posting on social media?

Defining Your Social Media Content Capabilities

14. What types of content and topics does your audience want to see from your brand?

15. Does your business create content (or have the ability to create content) that is relevant to your target audience?

16. What types of content should you post on different social media platforms?

17. What types of content supports your brand messaging and purpose?

Defining Your Social Media Operations

18. Do you need to conduct social media advertising?

19. Should you use social media for customer service?

20. How will social media support your other marketing initiatives and campaigns?

Defining Success on Social Media

21. How do you define success for your business on social media?

22. How will you measure your marketing efforts on social media?

23. What social media metrics are most important to your business?

Implementing Your Social Media Strategy

Answering these social media strategy questions will give you a clearer picture of the type of online presence your business should have and how that can be accomplished using social media. The next step is to start building your social media strategy, which can include nitty-gritty details such as posting frequency and content resources.

If you’re looking for guidance on how to get started building your strategy, our free 2020 Social Media Guide is a great place to get started!