It’s Not Just About Looks: Why Quality Graphic Design Enhances Marketing

Graphic Design

When it comes to designing logos, websites, or marketing materials, many people rely on graphic designers and agencies for help and advice. But for a business or startup strapped for cash, it makes sense to go the do-it-yourself route and put little work into design, right? How bad could it get? What are the benefits to using quality graphic design anyway? Here are just five reasons that will leave you second-guessing a DIY approach to design.

1. Good design enhances your authenticity and professionalism

Have you ever looked at a menu in a restaurant, and noticed that the photos of food look fake? Or, have you ever visited a website that is composed of mostly stock photos of men and women in business suits, with poor colors or a layout that makes the site look dated? Doesn’t it make you wonder about the authenticity of the business?

When businesses cut corners on design, the audience notices, and not in a good way. They notice when you hire a professional for a logo design, or printed a Word clip art image as your letterhead logo. They also notice when a graphic looks too pixelated, seems outdated, or altered out of shape. By cutting corners or not paying attention to detail, clients might be left doubting your professionalism and intent.

Having thoughtful graphics helps remove any doubts about your business. From photography to typography, logo design to trade show displays, providing the right design elements can improve your business’s authenticity, never leaving customers to wonder if your website is unreliable.

2. It presents a personality

Buyers and clients get to know you through any type of media you share, such as your your website, blog, social media account, collateral, or the pen you might put in a trade show goodie bag. Quality design brings out the uniqueness of your business and what it has to offer, and that uniqueness can help build a relationship with key customers. It helps you stand out in a positive way, and again, lends to a professional look and feel for your work.

3. It attracts interest

Looks and appearances play a big part in attracting a customer or client base and presenting your work in the best light.

For example, think about what generates a bunch of shares on social media: videos, photos, and infographics top the list of most shared content. In each of those types of media, design plays an important role in drawing attention and converting that interest into action. Good graphic design is a great tool to help communicate with old, present, and new customers.

4. It clears up clutter

When you use clever and clean graphic design, you’ll notice that simplicity is key. Designers love creating graphics that emphasize a clean look. Details are always intentional and thoughtful as well, so you’re left with something that looks good on a printed page or a webpage.

A clean, de-cluttered graphic is especially important on a website. Cleaning up any clutter will help with page load speeds, responsiveness on various platforms, and maintain a simple system for adjustments and updates as your business ages and grows. So you’re supporting an efficient system when you use good graphic design.

5. It’s budget friendly

Graphic design is not really about flashy tools and looks; it’s about picking the right elements and features for any visual job. Your design agency is not going to embed diamond dust on your promotional pamphlets, or advise you to install a fancy moving graphic for every web page. Realistically, your graphic design team will work with you within your budget, and give you the best advice and samples that match your business’s style and goals. And for all its worth, you generate better leads and results over time after paying the initial costs.

Overall, you’ll be happy to invest in good graphic design agency. It helps your marketing team and strategy run smoothy and efficiently over time. For more advice in developing your designs, contact us.

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