2020 Social Media Guide: How to Build a Strategy During COVID-19


There’s no denying that these are difficult times. Many brands are contemplating what to do on their social media channels. How do you adapt your social media strategy? Do you solely focus on Coronavirus related posts? Do you proceed with your previous strategy and act like nothing is going on in the world? (Hint: no)

While we may not be able to provide a customized brand answer for you based on these questions, we can provide you with a free social media guide that incorporates the latest best practices. Therefore, our actionable guide can help you adapt your strategy and strengthen your brand’s relationship with your audience during this challenging time.

Equip your business with these actionable steps and social media tools. For instance, you’ll be able to maintain brand value, connect with customers and even drive purchases, as well as come out with a strategy that fits your situation.

Social Media is important in a crisis like COVID-19. According to eMarketer, Facebook saw a 70% increase in the usage of all its apps in the month of March. People are engaging with these apps and staying informed, entertained, and connected while at home.

Now is the time for brands to double-down, engage, and build relationships on social media with new and existing customers. Whether you’re just now getting started with social media or you’re seasoned but trying to navigate this new landscape, the 2020 Social Media Guide will help you develop the right strategy solution.

This Guide Will Help You:

  • Establish Social Media Strategy Goals
  • Identify Audiences Across Platforms
  • Utilize The Best Industry Tools
  • Choose the Right Social Platforms
  • Complete & Brand Each Account
  • Develop Quality Content & CTAs
  • Optimize Visuals
  • Use Hashtag Best Practices
  • Post Consistently
  • Analyze Impact & Results

Therefore, don’t let the uncertainty stop you from developing a new social media strategy and taking action. Your customers are looking for ways to be social and connect. Right now, social media is the perfect platform for brands to engage with customers and create opportunities for now and into the future.

Download the free guide today to start working on your business’ social media marketing strategy to increase followers, improve engagement, and boost conversions.