Will Your Website Design Turn Into the 2011 Indianapolis Colts

Keep up-to-date on your website design and marketing plan. If you’re someone who follows football regularly, then you’re probably already familiar with the bizarre story of the 2011 Indianapolis Colts. Although there are a number of factors contributing to their rapid transformation from Super Bowl contender to NFL afterthought, it’s easy to see how the loss of one important player, Peyton Manning, has effectively submarined their season and changed the entire complexion of the team.

That’s obviously unfortunate for the Colts and their fans, but it also serves as an important reminder to anyone who’s interested in online marketing. That’s because if your business website is too dependent on any single source of income, sales, leads, or revenue, then there is the chance that conditions could change quickly and pull the rug out from under you.

How could something like that happen to your online marketing plan? Here are just a few simple examples:

  • A major search engine could change their algorithm – similar to the recent Google “Panda” update – drastically reducing the number of visitors to your site.
  • A competitor could launch a major pay-per-click campaign, making Internet advertising prohibitively expensive.
  • Your favorite copywriter, social media consultant, or other online marketing vendor could move into another industry, causing you to replace them in a hurry.

With a little imagination, you could probably think of dozens of other scenarios. The point, however, isn’t that you should be on the lookout for specific individual online marketing strategies, but that you shouldn’t put yourself in the position where you are relying completely on any one source of customers.

The next time you review the progress of your online marketing plan – something you should do on a regular basis anyway – look carefully at what has been working for you, and whether you have any backup options available. There’s nothing wrong with emphasizing your strengths and continuing to go with what works, but make sure you’re always trying new things so that you’re never in a position where a single change could turn your business website from a champion to an also-ran overnight.

What lessons have you learned from your online marketing strategy…or lack of one?