Coffee and Inbound Marketing: You Can’t Survive Without Either

Inbound Marketing

When you sit down at your desk with a hot cup of coffee in the morning, you can practically feel your productivity increasing. The morning goes from something that you have to face to something that you’re ready to enjoy, and you find yourself becoming more and more able to handle the challenges ahead. What if that morning cup of coffee had even more importance than that? The similarities between coffee and inbound marketing are startling.

Inbound marketing drastically increases the day’s potential

When you create only outbound marketing (that is, marketing that sets out with the express intention of tracking down customers–flyers, television ads, and other more traditional forms of advertisement), the only customers you reach are the ones that you targeted deliberately. With inbound marketing, each of your posts (whether a blog, podcast, video, or social media post) has the potential to reach people that you didn’t even know were looking for your company. The day’s potential is automatically increased as a result, just like when you have the caffeine that you need to start your day.

Inbound marketing lets you focus on the things that you enjoy most about your job

When you’re writing a blog post, while you may be restricted to the things you’ve been told to write about, you can focus on the aspect of each one that you most enjoy. You can get excited about your job again, exploring the aspects of it that are most enjoyable to you. Just like you savor that first sip of coffee (and often many of the ones that come after it), you can savor the experience of writing about the aspects of your job that you love the most. There was something about your field that caught you in the beginning. What was it, and how can you use that love to bring other people straight to you?

Inbound marketing keeps it interesting

You might have a job that is very repetitive, or in which you have a number of days that aren’t particularly interesting with a rare few when something actually catches your attention. Just like you can change up your daily coffee drink, you can change up your inbound marketing approach to keep things fresh and interesting. Interact with customers on your social media account. Host a contest, if it’s appropriate to your unique style of marketing. Just like adding a shot of a new flavor of syrup to your coffee drink, changing up your inbound marketing approach can improve the flavor of your company and draw in a new potential audience.

Inbound marketing keeps customers’ attention

When you’re standing in line at your local coffee shop, what are you more likely to consider: the drink that hasn’t received any advertising, or the special new drink that has a sign splashed across every wall in the place? The newly-marketed beverages are the ones that are the most likely to catch your eye–and the same is true of your customers. They want to be drawn in and learn about new things in your industry all in one place.

Inbound marketing has a flavor for everyone

Different styles of coffee appeal to different people. Some people like a little bit of everything:  they’ll try out a new drink with each visit, and they’re willing to go out on a limb and try anything once. Others prefer their favorite beverage with every order. The same is true of inbound marketing. Some people prefer a tried and true approach to each company that they’re considering. They’ll search social media accounts for discount offers, visit websites to make sure that they’re professional, or look over blogs to see if they’re dealing with a knowledgeable professional. Others can be attracted by the latest blog post that’s gone viral on their preferred platform. It all depends on the customer, which is why you need to vary your inbound marketing approach to attract the people who are looking for you.

Who knew that your morning brew could inspire such creative effort? Now, the only thing left is for you to take advantage of your new knowledge. Each time you raise your cup to your lips, you’ll be aware of the inbound marketing opportunities you can use to your advantage–so take a deep gulp, set that coffee down, and get working!

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