Beautiful Product Photography is a Necessity (Tell Us We’re Wrong)

Product Photography

We’re all visual learners. Have you ever wondered what exactly that means? Human beings tend to learn and remember knowledge better if it is based on images and video than if it is simply based on text. But exactly how visual are we? As it turns out, 90 percent of all information our brains process is visual.

Where do I Need Product Photography?

In short, visual content reigns supreme. It’s no surprise that the fastest-rising social media networks, Instagram and Pinterest, are based primarily on pictures, while Facebook’s new emphasis on video has allowed the network to soar. No matter where you turn, social media marketers are including as much visual content into their strategy as they can. Having beautiful photos of you product and services is so important to make sure your product sticks out among everything else cluttering your target audience’s newsfeed.

Product Photography the Right Way

But social media isn’t the only part of your marketing that should pay close attention to the visual nature of human beings. No matter how great your product’s features are and how many benefits it offers to consumers, no one will know if you don’t put it into the right light. Product photography, both for advertisements and product packaging, can make all the difference between consumers remembering and picking up your product in the store, or walking right past it.

So how should you present your product? Many aspects go into great product photography, including (but not limited to):

  • The right camera lens
  • The right lighting
  • The right angle
  • Effective use of backgrounds
  • Post-shoot editing

In other words, it’s a complicated process that requires extensive preparation and refinement. Professional product photographers spend a great amount of time thinking about the right lens for the specific product, setting up the lighting so that shadows add to rather than subtract from the product, and utilizing backgrounds to convey the emotional message related to your product.

Don’t Forget the Editing Process

But once the camera clicks, the job is far from done. In fact, you’ll see professional photographers taking a wide variety of shots, from various angles while changing background, lens, backgrounds and other variables. And even then, it’s not just a matter of picking out the right one. The best photos still needs some post-production make up work, often done in a software like photoshop, to ensure the light, highlights, and color tone are just right. At the end of the process, you will get a beautiful spread of photos showing your product or service from all of it’s best angles, to use in any way you like. Every product can look beautiful if it’s presented the right way. And professional photographers try to approximate that beauty as closely as possible, taking no chances in the process.

If you’re considering product photography, reach out to us. We believe in the power of a truly awe-inspiring photograph. That’s why we’ve invested a lot of time in building our very own, killer photography studio to be able to provide some of the best still images your product and marketing materials demand. 

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