Where Do I Put My Trade Show Booth Graphics?

Where Do I Put My Trade Show Booth Graphics?

Your next trade show is coming up fast. You have already decided on booth size and overall design. The graphics you chose to highlight your company’s message, products, or special offer are complete. From simple signs to advanced silkscreen panels, graphics are the main star of every booth, but did you know that the placement of trade show booth graphics is just as important as the graphics themselves?

Here are six things to keep in mind when planning placement of trade show booth graphics:

Unintended Blockage

If you expect a lot of foot traffic in your booth, make sure that your message graphics are placed in strategic locations that are not blocked by your equipment, tables, booth workers, or even visitors. One of the most common complaints of trade show attendees is not being able to quickly take in a company’s name or message –which is obviously detrimental to your goals and objectives regarding trade shows.

Your Company’s Name

Place a graphic of your company’s name at the highest point of your booth. While human interaction is important, you only have about three seconds to grab an attendee’s interest as they walk by. This is where correct graphics placement comes into prominent play. No one should have to take time to figure out who you are.

Most Desirable Placement at Eye-Level Range

Mid-range graphics, which include key messages, images, logos, taglines or quick product information, are placed six feet from the ground for maximum effectiveness, but between five to eight feet from the ground is a standard definition of eye-level. The graphics should be placed in the most visible areas of your booth, such as side wall panels, fronts of display stands and tables.

Include Booth Workers in Planning

If you have booth workers, ensure that they will not be stationed directly in front of your mid-range graphics for long periods of time. You probably can’t have all graphics available at all times, but you can work to reduce the amount of time they might be hidden by simply informing the workers to be aware of their surroundings.

Booth Design and Equipment

Display stands and table placement in a booth’s design allow for frontal graphic placement on the equipment itself, which adds additional viewing areas. Foam board signs work well. As the placement is lower than eye level, do not place your most important messages here. If you have the room available for graphic panels, ensure they are not blocked by stands, monitors, literature displays or other graphics.

Tabletop Marketing Graphics

Tabletop graphics are placed for booth visitors and include more detailed information. Using too many different tabletop graphics will result in a busy look, which is not what you want. Choose one or two marketing pieces for maximum effectiveness.

Trade shows can be glorious combinations of noise, color and excitement, but carry the possibility of information overload. Make sure your company is one they remember by having strategically placed, easy-to-read trade show booth graphics for your next trade show.