What is a CTA?: Click to Find Out!

What Is a CTA: Click to Find Out!

What is a CTA?

CTA stands for “Call-to-Action.”

While often taken for granted, CTAs are among some of the most important elements of an effective inbound marketing strategy.

Typically a CTA is a button, image, or link that “calls” your website visitors to take an action. You likely skim past them all the time:




As you will come to learn, even though these examples are a few of the most common, they are among the most ineffective without a strategy.

Within the inbound marketing methodology, the purpose of a CTA is to direct individuals to a landing page, where valuable contact information can be collected. In other words, a CTA is the first step to converting visitors into leads and closing leads into customers.

CTAs can exist in a lot more places than you may be aware of, including the banner of your website, at the end of blog posts, within social media, and at the end of videos.

Creating a truly effective CTA requires lots of testing and clever writing. But the beautiful thing about them is that — being used digitally — they allow for ample conversion tracking and A/B testing.

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Oh, look! Another CTA:

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