Social Media Packages Unlock a World of Possibilities

Social Media Packages

Let’s face it – social media is a game. Ideally, outlets such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube connect users with useful information and services. Social media can also be manipulated to drive traffic without offering any real content. This is “vanity” marketing, where a social media page may have thousands of “likes” but no measurable “following”.

This leads many to write-off social media entirely. With rapidly proliferating outlets, it is becoming more challenging to understand how each one works, how they relate to one-another, and what possible benefits each one may have. Questions arise as to how can we leverage the potential exposure on social media without wasting valuable time and money? How can you provide real, informational, useful information via social media that drives prospective customers to your website?

We’re asking all the same questions. How can we help you maximize substantial ROI with social media?

The answer is a solid social media package. This is NOT your out-of-the-box inbound marketing. What do you get with cut-and-paste social media programs? When you pay for a “quick boost” or “instant views” you get a lot of likes, and a substantial spikes in visitors to your website…but no follow-through. Basically, you are paying a computer to “fudge” the numbers. The temporary bump to your traffic is superficially generated without giving you the ultimate end-result: paying customers. Run-of-the-mill marketing only perpetuates the belief that social media is worthless as a platform.

Why you should give social media a second chance?

Let’s get back to the essentials: your company has a website, your desire is to drive more sincerely interested and engaged traffic to your website. You want potential customers to explore your website and learn about everything you offer in order to make the most informed decision about how to buy and use your products. Most of all, you want happy customers, you want them to tell their friends about your company, and you want them to keep coming back to you again and again.

A successful social media strategy brings original, relevant content to a carefully targeted audience.

Organic SEO (that’s search engine optimization that you don’t pay for) is based on frequently updated unique content, and engaged readers who spend time browsing your website, clicking on links, and sharing your information. So, before we step into the quagmire of “social media” as we know it, let’s give browsers, readers, and potential customers every reason to find your website and to spend quality time learning about who you are and what you do.

Our approach is to offer a real-value, content-driven approach to social media. When a customer starts a search, they’re not looking for your brand – yet. They’re looking for “how to…” solve a problem. Your website should highlight “the solution…” to get at the top of related search results. Sharing your own articles and blogs along with curating content from other thought-leaders will make your business a go-to resource for your potential clients.

Now we’re ready to jump in the deep end with Social Media packages

Social media provides ample opportunity to give potential customers a reason to make your products and services a part of their daily lives. A “how-to…” post on Pinterest gives them an experience that relates to your company, and an “infographic” on Facebook generates more likes, shares, and follows than a simple “status update”.

Our social media packages integrate your company vision with smart targeting to put your brand front and center on social media. When you regularly engage customers with useful and informative posts via social media, customer loyalty and conversions increase substantially. “Followers” are real customers who are positively engaged with your company and who are more likely to write a review and recommend your services. Not to mention our social media packages offer individual attention from a team dedicated to your account, professionally designed profiles and social advertisements, regular social media engagement, pay-per-click budgeting, and professional publishing.

So…what are you waiting for? Contact us to get your personalized and successful social media package now!