2 Types of CTAs that Generate Qualified Sales Leads

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The online generation of qualified sales leads is one of the most common marketing goals we help our clients achieve every day. For many of our clients, and many businesses in general, lead generation is the single most important marketing goal because it has the potential to drive revenue. No matter how strong your brand is, no matter how popular your social media content may be, it all amounts to nothing without the potential to drive revenue.

Compelling Ways to Generate Qualified Sales Leads

Inbound marketing has established itself as one of the most reliable ways to generate new sales leads for your business. One of the many reasons inbound is successfully used for lead generation is because it’s not limited to a single tactic or approach. Instead, it’s a collection of tactics and methods that support the production of value-driven content your ideal audience will enjoy.

The secret to generating more sales leads for your business relies on adapting to new, successful technologies and techniques. Two of the best include:

1. Exit-intent pop-ups

2. Mobile-specific CTAs

The Exit-Intent Pop-up

One of the most effective ways to generate leads is something you may have already encountered; the exit-intent pop-up. These are the windows that appear just as your mouse begins to hover towards the “X” button to close your browser tab or window. It’s the perfect opportunity to address shopping cart abandonment, offer a discount, or simply ask how you can improve the visitor’s experience.

Adding this pop-up can have a dramatic effect on your website’s ability to generate sales leads.

Mobile-Specific CTAs

Many businesses have turned to creating mobile-specific CTAs as a means of increasing their sales leads. As more web traffic increasingly comes from mobile devices rather than desktop, a catered mobile approach makes perfect sense. A mobile-specific CTA involves both design and strategy decisions, as choices must be made with regards to the typeface used for the CTA, as well as the copy itself.

A compelling mobile-specific CTA can turn a non-interested visitor into a sales qualified lead with the right messaging and timing.

Leveraging Visitor Interests

Last, but definitely not least, one of the very best ways to increase sales leads is by implementing data-driven content. Hopefully, you are already optimizing all of your marketing assets for search engine ranking through the use of keywords, meta tags, page content and other techniques (if not, we’d love to chat with you).

These tactics are absolutely essential to generating sales leads, but the use of query-driven content can give you a significant edge in both search engine rankings and the lead generation process.

In general, query-driven content revolves around an examination of the search queries (or needs) that bring people to your website. If you have an answer to a query or can develop one, create it in the form of unique content. A blog post, whitepaper, webinar or pop-up window could do the job. The possibilities are endless.

For example; let’s say you’re a small eCommerce site that sells baking supplies and equipment. Up until this point, your blog content and social media posts have largely been concerned with recipes. However, while examining your website analytics, you notice that many visitors find your website by searching for tutorials about baking techniques and how to use certain types of baking equipment or supplies.

Armed with this knowledge you can begin creating content that specifically addresses each query. From here, you can expect to experience an uptick in website traffic and a correlating rise in qualified sales leads. It’s as easy as finding out what your audience needs and delivering valuable content.Envision Creative PPC Services CTA