Bulk Up Your Web Presence: 7 Site-Strengthening Tips

Web presence

A company’s web presence is perhaps the single most important asset when it comes to marketing. As a society, we are spending more and more time online than ever before; accordingly, the web is where we go to learn more about a company that we may end up doing business with, whether we’re looking for a major investment like a car or just trying to get a birthday present for a family member.

Strengthen Your Company’s Web Presence

Almost every company in existence has some sort of web presence; however, there are only a handful of companies that truly make the most of the PR capabilities of the web. If you’re looking to strengthen your company’s brand online, here are a few actions you can take.

Write A Company Blog

The value of a blog is something we’ve discussed before, but it bears repeating that a blog may be the single best way to bolster your company’s web presence. Blogs show your prospective customers that you are paying attention to what’s going on in your industry, as well as providing a critical boost to your overall site SEO.

Make Your Website Mobile-Responsive

Increasingly, more and more Internet users are browsing the web solely through mobile devices. The smartest companies will ensure that their web presence looks and feels as great on a mobile phone as it does on a desktop.

Offer to be a Source for a Journalist

This is a great (and completely free!) way to get your company’s name out in the media. If you see a news story concerning your industry, or an opportunity to provide some insight, reach out to the writer and offer your thoughts.

Create Social Media Accounts (or Actually Use Them)

The big three platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – offer an unparalleled level of access to your customers and client base. You don’t even have to invest a lot of resources into maintaining these accounts – the fairly frequent but steady update or news item is typically more than enough to boost your web presence and remind the internet that your company is alive, well, and running. That being said, many companies try to have at least a little bit of fun with their social media pages.

Produce Informational or Entertaining Content

“Content” is quickly becoming something of an overused term in marketing, but the fact remains that producing high-quality informational material is a great way to generate leads that eventually become customers.

Above All, Be Yourself (Embrace Your Brand Identity)

Your customers and prospects want to feel as if real people work for your company. Fast food chain Whataburger’s social media presence is a great example of how a company can demonstrate authenticity and personality while still serving an ad message. The burger restaurant regularly posts fast food-themed content that relates to current events (such as basketball star Kevin Durant’s recent decision to move to the Golden State Warriors). Your company’s presence doesn’t have to be as playful as Whataburger’s; it just needs to be relatable, believable, and authentic.

More than anything else, your company’s web presence is a tool for showing your customers that you’re paying attention to the world, and that you’re looking to do business as it’s done in this day and age. A subpar web presence often sends a message of obsolescence and irrelevance; conversely, a strong one lets your customers know that you are forward-thinking and innovative.