Good Product, Little Success? Develop the Right Packaging Design to Boost Your Sales

Packaging Design

Sure, you have a great product and once customers try it they’ll be hooked. But first they need to feel enticed to buy it, and that’s where the right packaging design for your product can make all the difference. Here are some key things to keep in mind when packaging design:


Of course, the main purpose of product packaging is to protect the product so it can remain in tact before it is actually used. The product needs to survive several stages of transit before it can finally be used or consumed, so the right type of packaging is essential to ensure a safe arrival at its final destination.


Now that we have the boring part out of the way (function), we can focus on the fun part, attraction. You want your product to stand out among all the other products out there. Now, attraction is subjective, which is why you need to know what your target marketing audience is before you can decide what that audience will and will not find appealing. You will need to perform some research to find out what colors, design styles, and packaging materials are most appealing for your target audience and work from there to develop an awesome design that will appeal to your audience and promote your product and company.

Product information

You want your product to appear as user friendly as possible, so your packaging design should include some information about how to use the product. Food and beverage products will answer some questions regarding perishability. Should it be kept in a cool dry place? How long can it stay open before it goes bad? Other types of products should include any necessary safety or other use information. Use your product packaging to be informative. You don’t want potential customers to put the package down because they can’t figure out how to use or open it.


How will customers be using your product? Think about how you can package the product to best serve the customers’ needs so that it is the most convenient option available. Developing a packaging solution that is different from your competitors, but also proves to be more useful for customers, can be a way to get an edge on your competition.


Your company’s product packaging should make your product stand out among the rest. For instance, if your company logo is in bright yellow, then loyal customers won’t even look for other colors when they’re trying to find your product on store shelves. Think about what unique color combinations and graphic design you want to use to make your product stand out among all the other ones out there. This step is perhaps the most important step because this is where you will distinguish yourself from the competition with your amazing, eye-catching designs that will steer customers directly toward your product.

Product packaging may seem like a no-brainer, but developing the right packaging design takes careful consideration and a great deal of creativity. Knowing your customer base and understanding the key elements of a quality product package will help you develop the right kind of package to suit your customers’ needs.

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