How to Create Engaging Webinars for Your Business

How to Create Engaging Webinars for Your Business

In the world of inbound marketing, “content [still] is king.” While most people only consider text content, the most successful marketers have found ways to implement images, video, and webinars into their inbound marketing campaign. This post outlines how to create engaging webinars for your business that stimulate participation–and how to promote them to expand their reach.

According to the research report by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs, 62% of marketers use webinars to drive content marketing. In addition, marketers rate webinars as the third most effective tactic for connecting with audiences behind only in-person events and case studies.

Is it Important Enough?

The single most important factor in creating an awesome webinar is the topic. Your webinar topic should be enticing enough to make your audience members feel compelled to sign up and attend the webinar. If your topic can be covered in a blog, you shouldn’t waste everyone’s time by hosting a webinar. A few great ways to choose a topic are to consider:

  • What are the experts talking about?
  • What are the latest industry trends?
  • What are your consumer’s buying pains?
  • Can you incorporate future content?

Plan, Create, Host

Instead of trying to do it on your own, get help with creating and hosting your webinar. Within your organization, you can find a wealth of talent for producing, writing, and planning your webinar. Best of all, the more you collaborate with others, the more effectively you can bring knowledge to the table. Your audience will appreciate hearing from more than one person and enjoy dialect, which can infinitely increase the credibility of your webinar.

Presentation is Everything

Simply put, the presentation of your webinar is everything. While the spoken word content is vital, you can use visuals to increase the engagement by up to 94%. Considering 90% of the information your audience processes is visual, you should start by paying attention to the visuals, such as videos and images

Practice Makes Perfect

Before you host your webinar, it’s imperative you practice all of the parts. Make sure you and your team members are well versed on cues and every other aspect of making the webinar stand out. In addition, you should make sure you are proficient in the technology. A few of the top webinar software you should become familiar with are:

Extra, Extra, Tell All About It

Once you have created your webinar, it’s essential you promote the event as much as possible. You can use the following tips and methods to promote your webinar.

  • Blog about your webinar and direct readers to the registration page.
  • Create a special email campaign and corresponding landing page to bolster registration.
  • Tweet, tweet, and tweet some more about your webinar.
  • Use your organization’s Facebook page to post a registration link.
  • Create posts with engaging snippets to entice readers into registering for the event.
  • Create LinkedIn groups to entice interested industry members and promote the event in the group
  • Effectively use your speakers to promote the event
  • Generate a hashtag for the event on Twitter and make sure it is included in emails, tweets, and on Facebook posts to promote the event

Undoubtedly, creating a truly engaging webinar can be a vital component of your inbound marketing campaign. By creating a successful webinar, you will attract new visitors and increase the overall awareness of your brand. In addition, you have the opportunity to establish your brand as an industry leader.