Blog Prompts for the Busy Business Writer

Blog Prompts

You’re already convinced that keeping a blog on your website is an excellent way to drive traffic. That means that you have to keep up with a blog and have a steady supply of topics in the back of your mind, preferably with plenty that you can pull out on a moment’s notice when you realize that you’ve gone too long without updating your blog…again.

Luckily, you don’t have to come up with all of it on your own. Check out this handy list of blog prompts that are appropriate for any business.

Use Your Clients as Inspiration

That doesn’t mean writing a post that would compromise client confidentiality, but rather the stories that happen behind the scenes. What new, unique research have you found this week as a result of a new client? What new information have you acquired simply because of the case you’re handling? Use the most interesting aspects of dealing with your clients as a starting place for a blog post.

Establish Why You’re Above the Rest

A quick Google News search will tell you what’s been happening in your industry this week. Is there a unique take on an old problem? A new way of looking at a situation in your industry? What’s your take on it? If you want a blog post that’s guaranteed heavy traffic, oppose the current stance emphatically (even if it’s sarcastically or with a twist ending). It will bring people to your blog in droves.

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Make a list post

List posts are very popular with online audiences, particularly those that don’t want to commit to reading an entire article. Admit it: if you’re in a hurry, you’re barely reading anything but the big, bold headings in this post. The same is true of your readers: they want blog posts they can pull the meat out of quickly. List posts allow readers to find the information that’s relevant to them in a longer post so that they can locate the details they need quickly.

Profile Your Employees

Is there someone in your company who has done something outstanding? Recognize them with an interview style post. What about that hard-working individual who almost never sets foot out of his office during work hours because he’s so busy generating creative work? Give the members of your company a face and a voice to add a human interest angle to your blog.

Get passionate

What is it about your job that you really love? Your blog is the perfect platform for sharing that information. You might have avoided writing about your personal passions in the past because you’re worried that you’ll bore your readers, but in reality, it’s the things you love the most that make perfect blog posts that will keep drawing in readers long after you’ve hit publish on the post. Your passion will shine through, drawing in your readers and making them interested in things that they didn’t even know they could be interested in before.

Use these ideas as inspiration for you blog. Mix and match the concepts for a never-ending supply of new topics and ideas. Still need more motivation? Check out our blog on why content creation is not rocket science.