A Forgotten Benefit of SEO Link Building

Inbound link building for search engine optimization has become something of an obsession for both business web designers and our clients. It’s really no wonder: Next to optimizing your pages and increasing the quality of the content basis, there’s really nothing you can do to improve your ranking on Google and the other major search engines as quickly and effectively as having other sites point towards yours.

search engine link buildingBut in the rush to persuade others to send links in your direction, it’s easy to lose sight of one important side-benefit: Getting good links from the right websites can and should bring you high-quality traffic on its own, regardless of what the search engines do.

In other words, having a site with a high page rank link to you is great for SEO, but that shouldn’t necessarily be your first or only concern. Play your cards right, and that link could give your online marketing plan an immediate boost. Here are a handful of quick tips to turn new inbound links into customers:

Pay attention to your landing pages. Wherever the link leads, don’t just optimize it for search engine spiders, but also for visitors who might click through. This is good advice for all your pages, but especially one that could attract lots of focused traffic soon.

Give visitors a reason to return. In addition, post teasers about future products, articles, or updates. You might just entice a first-time visitor to come back again later.

Look for links in permanent places. Will your link be in a part of the site that’s seen again and again, or a section that’s likely to be viewed only for short period of time? See if you can find a way to get a link in a more permanent position, and you could see an increase in traffic for months or years to come.

Link building is an important part of the search engine optimization process, but don’t get so wrapped up in SEO considerations that you forget the buyers you’re ultimately trying to reach. High-quality links are a great way to find more of them, so make the most of each opportunity.

Have you found success with link building?