7 Signs You Need A Digital Marketing Agency

7 Signs You Need A Digital Marketing Agency

As a business owner or executive, your day is probably filled with anything from finances and planning to overseeing employees and sales. You try to squeeze in or delegate marketing efforts, including attempting social media trends, but it just never seems to work. Sound familiar? 

Something we’ve seen time and time again with internal business teams is their desire for outside marketing help, but the uncertainty of cost, control, and resources end up preventing them from ultimately outsourcing. 

Switching from in-house marketing to an outside ad agency can be a difficult decision to make. So, to help you make the right decision for your business, our team of experts gathered the top seven signs you should look for when deciding on whether or not to hire a digital marketing agency. These signs are also common pain points we see from our potential clients when they first seek out our expertise. 

Let’s jump right in to see if your business should partner with an outside marketing team in 2022 in order to increase leads, conversions, and sales. 


1. You Don’t Know Where To Start

Ah, the most telling sign of them all. You’ve brainstormed some great marketing ideas/campaigns but don’t know how to implement them. Or you don’t have the resources to act on them. There’s also no shame in having no idea where to start or what should be included in your marketing strategy.

Since the increase of digital marketing, there are many items to think about when building a strategic plan. From designing an attractive website or landing page to utilizing social media marketing, it can be overwhelming and intimidating to handle in-house. Digital marketing agencies, like Envision Creative, have industry experts that can field your companies challenges and goals, and help you develop a strategic, personalized plan for success. 


2. Marketing Is An Afterthought

It’s easy to stay laser-focused on making your product or service the best it can be. There’s a lot that goes into both starting and sustaining a successful business, so it’s understandable that pressing product, services, or sales activities take precedence over marketing.

Digital marketing is a long-term, strategic endeavor, making it easy to put off on a regular basis. However, without marketing, your product or service will not be able to achieve its full potential, especially in 2022. An agency can implement strategic marketing strategies for your business that increase brand recognition, website traffic, and lead generation.


3. Your Team Is Lacking Skill Sets

Along with not having enough time in the day to accomplish everything yourself, your team may not likely have all of the skill sets, expertise, experience, time, and effort that a digital marketing business has. Furthermore, the “digital” in digital marketing is always changing, and it’s difficult to keep up with the constant updates in programs, trends, and optimization.

When you hire an outside marketing team, you gain access to the agency’s extensive experience as well as their fresh viewpoint. It is the agency’s job to follow digital trends and predict marketing tactics that will create success not only right now but in the following months and years. 


4. You’re Not Planning Ahead

Short-term thinking leads to campaign failure and a lack of successful content. When it comes to marketing, short-term campaign goals must be balanced alongside long-term revenue and brand-building objectives. 

Working with a digital marketing agency will allow you to plan three, six, and twelve months ahead of time. In fact, when we have development meetings in your initial onboarding stages at Envision, we present something called a Marketing Strategy and Action Plan (MSAP). This plan includes a 30, 60, and 90-day strategy for your business right off the bat. Set your business up for long-term success, reach out to an ad agency, such as Envision Creative.   


5. You Lack Leads + Sales Are Declining

Do you feel as if your team is constantly working but doesn’t have quality leads to show for it? With a lack of qualified leads, comes a lack of sales. This is most likely due to a lack of effective marketing strategies. We understand that this can be discouraging and concerning. 

This is where an outside marketing agency comes into play. A marketing firm can collaborate with your sales team to develop a strategy that combines their sales process with marketing initiatives and ultimately produces qualified leads. Ultimately increasing revenue by boosting brand recognition, as well as traffic to your company’s website, blog, and social media sites.


6. Website Is Outdated 

If your website has not been updated in the past two to three years, that needs to be your top priority in the new year. Your website serves as your target audience’s first impression of your business, especially for B2B companies. 

From creating streamlined navigation to producing quick loading times to implementing keyword optimization, and developing ever-evolving content, a website is a beast to both create and maintain. There are several main goals of a website including how Google decides your rank. In fact, according to Bright Edge Research, almost 70% of all online experiences begin with a search engine (such as Google).

In 2022, businesses now have to consider mobile-friendly and responsiveness when updating their websites. Avoid the headache and back and forth of dealing with this in-house, hire an experienced design agency that knows exactly what they’re doing. To give your current website a performance test in just seconds, check out our free website grader.  


7. Your Competitors Are Dominating Online

When you see your competitors succeeding online, it should stand out as to how much business they’re stealing from you by doing so. This means that they are investing in digital marketing and are reigning in the benefits. At this point, the only way to get ahead of the competition is to beat them in digital marketing. 

The most efficient way to do that is to hire an outside marketing agency that has the time, knowledge, and resources to help you succeed. Take back control of your company’s future by outsourcing marketing efforts to a digital agency in 2022. 


With many things that can spark the need for an outside digital marketing agency, the overall takeaway should be that in order to succeed in 2022, your digital marketing presence must be top-notch. If you’re ready to take advantage of an agency’s expertise, experience, and resources, check our blog on “30 Questions To Ask An Advertising Agency Before Hiring Them,” to help guide you through the process. 

As an agency that has been in the field for over two decades, we want our clients to feel as comfortable as possible with their decision to hire us. If you’re ready to talk about the future of your business, reach out to our team of design and marketing experts to get the most helpful and transparent advice to take on 2022.