5 Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Clients This Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching you may be wondering how/what is the right way to thank your clients or customers, below are 5 thoughtful ways to thank your client in 2020. While there is no one way to thank your clients and customers, it is important to do it in some way. People are 91% more likely to do business with companies that understand and appreciate their customers so make sure you are one of them.

1. Custom Calendar for the Timely Client

It may sound like an odd thing but everyone uses them. If the work you do involves any design at all, it can be used for the pictures for each month that might correlate to the work you did together during that month.

For notable dates, you can include thoughtful, work-related dates like their anniversary of working with you or specific campaigns that relate to a time of year. By doing this it will show you remember the little things that may be forgotten, remind them of the great work you did throughout the year, and encourage them to continue working with you in the following year.

2. Custom Card for the Client that has Everything

41% of Americans look forward to checking their mail every day, so sending a card can be a great way to give your client something exciting to find that day. If you do opt to send a card with a personal note in it, make sure it is something memorable. Yes, you could opt for the expensive Papyrus card but they will most likely receive multiple of those throughout the season.

If you are going to invest the time and money into sending a card, have it be one that is unique and one only your company could send. A branded or a custom-designed card (if you have the capability to do that) shows them you put the time in and value them as a client. 

3. Bark Box for the Dog-Friendly Office

For the client that always has a dog in the office. Not only would this be a thoughtful, great gift for your client but can also be a way to score points with the entire office. The answer to the question “who brought the new dog toy in?” would be you or your company. It’s a small gesture that can go a long way and when animals are happy, their humans are happy.

4. Local Popcorn for the Foodie

Support your local popcorn shop and send something the recipient can choose to either keep for themselves or share with the entire office. Chances are there is a gourmet popcorn shop wherever you may be and that the person you are thinking of sending it to has had it before (or something similar). 

There will likely be tons of options to choose from that add an extra layer of thoughtfulness if you happen to know some flavors your client likes. If you or your client is in Austin, Austin Gourmet Popcorn is a local mom & pop shop with tons of seasonal and classic flavors that you can’t go wrong with.

5. Succulents for the Plant Lover

Many aspire to be a green thumb, few are, but the appeal of being a plant mom/dad lives on. Depending on the client, how much the holiday gift budget allows, and the receiver’s expertise in caring for plants, there is a wide range of options for gifting succulents. 

To send a single arrangement, Urban Succulents offers a range of gifts starting at $30. If you’d like to let this client know you’re thinking of them all year long (and you know they can keep the plants alive) Succulent Studios’ monthly succulent subscription will ships two succulents every month so your client will have a succulent garden that everyone in the office will envy.

Whether it’s a planned out calendar or food from a local shop, you really want to thank your clients by letting them know you appreciate them. You go through so much with these people during your relationship and it’s important to let them know that you value them and hopefully they value you. 

It’s important to remember that you know your client best and while some of these ways may not make sense for you (monetarily or logistically) it will hopefully spark some thought to lead you in the right direction.