3 Ways To Use SlideShare To Ignite Your Content Strategy

3 Ways to Use SlideShare to Ignite Your Content Strategy

As a relatively new addition to LinkedIn’s stable of acquisitions (the company purchased SlideShare in 2012), SlideShare is a great way for businesses to post their presentations online for people to access 24/7.  But companies can use SlideShare for more than just business presentations. They can also be a valuable marketing tool for the right target audience. Here are just a few ways that you can use SlideShare to ignite your business’s content strategy.

Go Pro.

SlideShare offers free accounts as well as a pro version that’s perfect for businesses that want to utilize SlideShare in their marketing program. Pro users can remove ads on their page and customize their brand page to be an extension of their company’s image. Plus, with analytics and targeting available, you can make sure that the right leads are seeing your slides.

Embed Slides.

Don’t settle for a static page: spice up pages of your company website by embedding slides on various pages in order to give your customers even more information on your business.

Encourage Sharing.

Much like any other social media site, SlideShare encourages sharing, liking, and commenting on presentations, so you should do the same for current customers or users. Referrals are the best way to get new business, so make sure your SlideShare presentations are share-worthy. If you can get your slide deck featured on SlideShare’s weekly email, you can get an enormous boost to exposure to your business and brand.

Remember that the most important thing anytime you engage with social media–even if it’s on the more professional side of things–is to make your material memorable and eye-catching. If you put presentations on SlideShare, make sure to put time and energy into both the message and the visual appeal.