No, Really: You Need an Inbound Marketing Firm

Inbound Marketing Firm

Inbound marketing is a tried-and-true method of promoting a business. As we see it, the most effective Internet marketing is comprised of predominately inbound-focused strategies. After all, the use of AdBlock is on the rise, and many companies are beginning to have doubts about the overall efficacy of traditional media. In 2016, the best way to find new customers is ultimately having them come to you.

Why Inbound Marketing Works So Well

Inbound marketing focuses on fulfilling some kind of need for the customer in advance of asking them for any kind of compensation. Typically, these needs are small, anecdotal problems that the customer might face on a day-to-day basis; a need for a brief distraction, an easy way to improve their life, or a solution to a common obstacle in their line of work. The idea is to show that your organization is aware of what problems your customers may face, and that you’re actively looking to provide a solution. Regardless of what form these solutions may take, the ultimate goal for your company remains: making an impression that ultimately makes someone confident enough to spend money on your product or service.

The practice of inbound marketing uses a variety of tactics to generate traffic and leads – among them, SEO, email outreach, and overall branding. Ultimately, inbound marketing relies on the concept of providing upfront and immediate value to prospects with the aim of eventually converting them into paying customers. In addition to “inbound marketing”, some companies are also referring to this strategy as “native commerce”. The objective is the same regardless of the name – giving people what they want (content, information, guidance) so that they’ll give you what you want (contact information or revenue).

The Value of an Inbound Marketing Firm

Inbound marketing revolves around your company knowing itself as well as knowing how your customers perceive your company. McDonald’s may view itself as a fast food conglomerate, but its customers may view it as a cheap, readily available source of comfort and nourishment. The CMO of Apple may talk about the company as a forward-thinking blue chip dedicated to innovation, but their everyday user may see them as simply a company that had an easy-to-use mobile phone.

To this end, inbound marketing relies, in part, on an outside perspective of your company. Thus, when it comes to inbound marketing, many different organizations turn to specialized inbound marketing firms that can handle the unique needs of inbound-focused campaigns.

Furthermore, inbound marketing firms often offer years of experience in the numerous different tactics that can comprise an inbound marketing strategy, including email campaigns, content creation, social media presence, and overall web presence. A relatively small investment in these areas can ultimately translate into strong, consistent revenue year over year. Even further, these specialized agencies know how to create content that gets attention, as well as a brand that people can identify and remember. To top it all off, inbound marketing is an investment in the “idea” of your company – it demonstrates to employees, customers, and investors alike that you are confident enough to use your company to market itself. To put it more simply, inbound marketing is based on the idea that “the company is enough”.


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