Why You’re an Amazing Food Photographer

Why Youre An Amazing Food Photographer

















The first place to start is, “Why wouldn’t you be an amazing food photographer?!” You love food, you embrace the local spirit, and you find art in everything from a fork to a filet.

As the story goes, we eat with our eyes first. We see the beauty in the colors on our plate, and we individually inspect each inch of the delicious delivery that arrived on our plates before we even consider taking a bite. We “ooh” and “ahhh” over the delights before us, and sometimes, we feel the need to share it with our friends.

Picture by our own food photographer.As a food photographer, you are the professional “ooooher” and “ahhhher” that starts it all! Without you, menus would just be words, and nobody likes to eat their words! Without you, life would be bland, and nobody likes to taste things that don’t have a taste. Without you, food may not be considered art, and food IS art!

There’s something special about being someone that can place a delicate dish on a well designed layout and end up with rave reviews. In fact, you’re often the flame on the fire that gets new people in the door. Whether it’s an amazing image that you’re helping your client create or your own food-filled masterpiece, it’s your job to make mouths water, and as a food photographer, this is what you do best!

Here are some things for you to remember when you’re in need of knowing why you’re an amazing food photographer:

1. You clearly depict what the food item is.

Connecting with still life beauty brings you back to life. Working with models or moving pieces can be a task that becomes more cumbersome than a great cucumber. A food photographer is granted the artistic freedom to design and style without worry of recourse from the food they represent. You’re lucky! Your object can only get spicy if someone deems it so!

2. You entice the taste buds and inspire the viewer to want that food and/or beverage item right then and there!

Food is freedom. There’s nothing that’s not social about food. From farmers’ markets to fancy restaurants, food is almost more social than it is sustaining. You not only get to be a part of it, but often times, you get to start it.

3. You focus on certain details and textures of the food you may not normally notice.

Beauty is everywhere. Not everybody can see it, and you’re in a special position because you not only see the beauty of the amazing food that you photograph, but you get to share it with anyone and everyone. Photographers, by nature, have a fantastic eye for seeing the most minute details in the greatest of chaos, and you get to bring it to your viewers in whatever composition you choose.

4. You make people see the food item in an artistic way.

Being behind the scenes puts you at the forefront of the flavors. You not only get to showcase the amazing food that you represent, but you get to be up close and personal with it and its creators long before it hits the dinner plate. Remember when you looked at a commercial, menu, or gorgeous picture and wondered how someone could make something so beautiful? Well, now you know firsthand that the farmers, chefs, and business owners had something to do with it, but you also get to take credit for the work that goes on behind the flash.

Since you’re an amazing food photographer, you probably already know about the beauty of your business, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to hear it again! Embrace the raw, natural talents that you and your subjects share, and deliver an exceptional product to your viewers. Remember that you often start the food and social experience (and with beautiful pictures of sweets, you end it, too). Really, the only downside to what you do is a desire to indulge later!

Our in-house studio is always open to food, whether packaged or fresh off the grill.

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