Create a Value Proposition to Shoot Your Brand to the Top

Value proposition

Your value proposition is the service you provide that makes you attractive to others. It’s the  promise of value to be delivered. It’s the primary reason a prospect should buy from you. It also describes your target customer and what you will offer to them that other businesses similar to yours cannot.

Value Proposition + Your Website = First Priority

Because the first thing anyone does when researching a topic is visit the Internet, you need to be able to communicate your unique value proposition on your website as quickly and accurately as possible so that visitors and potential clients know exactly how you can help them.

Communication is Key

How are you conveying your value proposition? Are you communicating with your target audience using the phrases and words that they use? Make sure to conduct research via social media to see how your potential/ideal clients speak about the pain points you are relieving. You absolutely must use their language.

Unfortunately, many businesses either bury their value proposition in buzzwords or trite, meaningless slogans, or don’t bother highlighting it on their site and in their marketing campaigns – or they don’t figure out what it is at all! Get ahead of the game by knowing your target audience and communicating how you can help them in a manner that speaks directly to them.

Show Results

Does your value proposition list specific examples regarding your business’s features and benefits? Corporate decision makers will nearly always meet with sellers who offer tangible outcomes and measurable results.

Killer Value Proposition Examples

Let’s dive directly into a few examples that have been touted by marketing experts for having excellent value propositions that people care about:


The value proposition: Uber is the smartest way to get around. One tap and a car comes directly to you. Your driver knows exactly where to go.

Uber Value Proposition

Right away they remind you about how annoying taxis are: unreliable…you have to summon them yourself and they might not even come by, or stop…and some drivers don’t even know their way out of a paper bag. They address your pain points without listing them directly. And they showcase how simply it all is: one click.


They highlight their three service areas with compelling, succinct copy. For Sales, it’s “Stop interrupting. Start selling.” This capitalizes on the feeling from both seller and potential clients that the process of being ‘sold to’ can be an intrusion. For Reporting, it’s “All your reports in one place.”  Well, I mean…how easy and appealing is that? For CRM Software, it’s “Close more deals with less work.” That’s an irresistible magnet right there for anyone who ever needs to close a deal.


Their value proposition reads, Start selling fast. Accept credit cards anywhere. Sign up and we’ll send you a free reader.”

Conversion XL lauds Square’s “benefit and action oriented sub-headline” and for having “key benefits clearly listed”.

Remember:  Your value proposition is the difference between an anonymous visitor bouncing off your page and a forever, loyal client.  Do the background research. Roll up your sleeves. Sweat over it. It’s not just worth it, it’s essential to your longevity.

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