The Best Infographics for Your SEO Strategy

The Best Infographics for Your SEO Strategy

Information graphics (infographics) are images that combine informational text and graphics to create a pictorial explanation of your content. Essentially, the point of an information graphic is two-fold. One, it explains your content in a simple format to your audience. Two, it makes your content easy to share via social media and other sharing platforms. Infographics are also an extremely lucrative SEO opportunity–they’re bait to get meaningful backlinks, viral social interaction, and more users to visit your site. Examples of infographics are boundless through any internet search, with some ranking higher for appearance and viral potential. In this post, we’ll focus on what goes into creating the best infographics for your SEO strategy.

Fact Check

Statistics are often a key feature of informational graphics. For example, an article about the use of organic compost in agricultural farming might show a statistic about the increase of plant growth that came from using it. Do extra research to be sure the statistic you share is backed up with real data. If you want to be viewed as authoritative or a though leader in your field, fact checking research is mandatory before the creation of any infographic.

Color Theory

Understand some of the basic elements of color theory. Learn what colors work well together to make a cohesive theme. Research trending colors or take inventory by scanning the latest Pinterest infographic posts.

Audience Perspective

When creating a informational graphic, be sure to keep your audience’s perspective at the core. You may think a certain statement is amazing, but what does your target demographic consider important? Solid market research and knowing your customers will help.

Reduce Text

Take a good hard look at your graphic. How much text is included? Some social media sites, Facebook namely, have certain rules regarding the ratio of text to image. Keep the text to a minimum. You want your information graphic to convey a statement without making your readers read too much.


Once you create an awesome information graphic, be sure to brand it with your company logo and/or contact details. This important step allows users who may only see the graphic and not read the related article to still be imprinted with brand awareness of your business.

If you need help taking on something as big as branding or just need a little more guidance with creating a unique and lucrative infographic, reach out to us.