How Izze Takes a Healthy Approach to Branding

If you look closely on your supermarket shelves lately, then you might have noticed that a new drink is popping up everywhere – Izze combines traditional soda with all-natural ingredients, fruit flavors, and a taste that’s as refreshing as it is good for you.

Product Packaging: Izze BeverageDon’t worry, we aren’t on the payroll over at Izze, and we won’t try to talk you into buying a few bottles for yourself (although it is worth a try if you haven’t). As a creative agency that works with food and beverage clients more and more often these days, we simply admire their approach to doing business. In fact, we think that a lot of our potential clients could learn a few lessons from their recent success.

Here is how Izze takes a fresh, healthy approach to branding… and a few quick ways you can follow their example.

First, Izze has a distinct look. Although it’s not something you may have ever thought about consciously, a quick peek down the soda aisle at your supermarket will reveal lots of strange – even unnatural – colors. These are obviously meant to convey the idea of energy and excitement, but they don’t exactly scream “wholesome.”

By using clear bottles, and very subtle labels, Izze instantly separates itself from the pack and shows off its healthier natural side. Could you do the same with your products by giving customers a peek inside? Transparency in what you’re doing and what you sell, whether it’s literal or figurative, can go a long way toward building trust quickly.

Next, Izze has the right match for its audience. As a more expensive option to traditional soda, Izze isn’t going to appeal to everyone. In fact, some of its strongest sales are in natural food stores and high-end gourmet markets. That’s important, because their look isn’t just distinctive, but it matches the demographic they’re going after, one that appreciates understated marketing.

Izze Product DesignAt Envision, we see lots of good designs and marketing pieces that just don’t match the companies they were put together for, or the buyers they are meant to appeal to. Looking good is only half of the equation; you also need to resonate with your target market for your designs to have the impact you’re hoping for. Izze has done such a great job of creating a brand that their audience resonates with that they are able create and sell merchandise with their brand on it…people are paying Izze to advertise for them!

Finally, Izze is backed by a good product. It’s worth noting that, marketing pieces and pricing aside, the most important thing to know about Izze – and the reason we feel comfortable mentioning it in our blog – is that it’s simply a good, healthy, refreshing product. In other words, all the great packaging, branding, and design in the world can’t save you if people don’t want what you’re selling.

We aren’t mentioning this to suggest that your products and services aren’t great, but to remind you that the hard work of selling anything begins with identifying what your buyers want and giving it to them. Once you have something spectacular to sell, everything else in the marketing process gets that much easier.

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